Adobe Acquires Bengaluru-Based AI Video Creation Platform

Global tech behemoth Adobe recently revealed its acquisition of Bengaluru-based, a cutting-edge AI-powered video creation platform, marking a major step into the Indian startup scene. This is not just Adobe’s first step into the Indian startup scene, but it also represents the company’s first acquisition of a generative AI startup. According to an internal memo that was shared within Adobe, the agreement intends to advance the company’s ability to provide its extensive clientele with improved AI-powered video content tools.

Adobe Acquires Bengaluru-Based AI Video Creation Platform

Credits: Inc42

Adobe’s Strategic Move

The acquisition of is not merely a business transaction; it’s a strategic move by Adobe to fortify its position in the rapidly evolving realm of generative AI. According to Ashley Still, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Creative Cloud at Adobe, the integration of’s expertise in generative AI video and audio technology aligns seamlessly with Adobe’s commitment to delivering value to its customers at an accelerated pace. This strategic synergy is expected to extend Adobe’s generative video capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of innovation within the creative applications domain. Pioneering Generative AI in India, established by Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, and Shivam Mangla, has blazed a new path for the Indian startup scene. With its most recent investment round of $10.6 million led by Red Ventures in September of last year, the firm has raised an amazing $13.9 million to far. Techstars, Silver Lake, Lightspeed India, and 8VC are a few other noteworthy backers. sets itself apart by using generative artificial intelligence to turn text into videos. With the creation of digital avatars made possible by this invention, influencers and video creators stand to gain greatly. Furthermore, gives marketing teams more power by making it easier to produce engaging video content. The startup’s creative methodology is a wonderful fit with Adobe’s goal of continuing to lead the way in creative solutions.

Adobe’s Evolving Generative AI Portfolio

Adobe has been actively investing in generative AI-based products, particularly within its Creative Cloud suite. Prior to the acquisition, Adobe introduced Firefly, its own generative AI model. This move was a strategic step towards incorporating generative AI tools into Adobe’s suite of applications and services. The company showcased its generative AI-to-video capabilities just last month, underscoring its commitment to innovation in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Impact on India’s Generative AI Ecosystem

The acquisition comes at a time when India’s generative AI startup ecosystem is gaining substantial traction. According to Inc42’s ‘India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape Report, 2023,’ startups in this space have collectively raised over $440 million in funding since 2019. Adobe’s foray into this landscape through the acquisition of further validates the potential of India’s generative AI startups and positions the country as a hub for cutting-edge AI innovation.

Financial Aspects of the Deal

Reports suggest that the acquisition will likely result in a complete cash exit for’s investors. The founders, in turn, are expected to receive compensation in both cash and Adobe stock. This financial structure not only signifies the confidence Adobe has in’s potential contribution to its business but also offers a lucrative exit for the startup’s investors.

Looking Ahead: Future Collaborations and Innovations

As the majority of’s team integrates into Adobe, the industry can anticipate a surge in collaborative innovations. Adobe’s established position in the global tech landscape, coupled with’s pioneering work in generative AI, sets the stage for groundbreaking developments. The incorporation of’s technology is likely to enhance Adobe’s existing suite of products, providing users with more advanced and efficient creative tools.


Adobe’s acquisition of is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a calculated effort to strengthen its position in the rapidly changing generative AI market. With the expertise of integrated, Adobe will be able to provide its worldwide customer base with cutting-edge AI-powered video content capabilities more quickly. This acquisition highlights the growing scene of generative AI firms in India in addition to demonstrating Adobe’s dedication to staying ahead of the competition in the tech industry. The IT community is excited to see what groundbreaking innovations Adobe and will undoubtedly bring forth, as they work together to create innovative material that will shape the future of content creation.