Cloud Kitchen Startup Curefoods Acquires Pizza Brand Yumlane

Yumlane, a foodtech firm recognized for its innovative pizza technology, has been bought by Curefoods, a well-known cloud kitchen operator, in a strategic move that might completely change the foodtech scene in India. With the transaction, which is valued at an unknown amount, Curefoods will have a rare chance to improve its pizza selection and broaden its network of distribution. This article examines the firms involved, the specifics of the transaction, and the possible effects on the Indian foodtech sector.

Cloud kitchen startup Curefoods has acquired foodtech startup Yumlane for an undisclosed amount.

Credits: Inc42

Yumlane’s Journey in Foodtech

Yumlane, founded in 2016, quickly made its mark in the foodtech sector by developing a proprietary technology stack tailored for the pizza segment. The company’s innovative approach led them to create a cloud kitchen brand, Yumlane Pizza, while also venturing into the B2B (business-to-business) sector. With a mission to redefine the pizza experience in India, Yumlane became a go-to choice for consumers and businesses alike.

Curefoods’ Strategic Acquisition

Curefoods had previously collaborated with Yumlane, making its mark in the foodtech sector. In 2021, Curefoods secured Yumlane’s Pizza cloud kitchen franchise rights for the South Indian market, setting the stage for a deeper partnership. The acquisition of Yumlane marks a significant step forward in this collaboration, providing Curefoods with the full ownership of Yumlane’s technology, brand, and distribution.

The Advantages of the Acquisition

Yumlane and Curefoods stand to benefit greatly from the deal in a number of ways. Being a part of the greater Curefoods network gives Yumlane access to a more extensive distribution network, which will be crucial in helping it reach more customers and provide its premium pizza products. Additionally, Curefoods has a wealth of B2B client ties that Yumlane’s B2B business may take advantage of.

The strategic alignment between Yumlane and Curefoods was highlighted by Gokul Kandhi, Chief Business Officer, who also highlighted Yumlane’s leadership position in the value market for pizza. This alignment suggests a seamless integration, which could result in a more complete and attractive pizza category in the foodtech sector.

Yumlane’s Impressive Reach and Clientele

Yumlane has made a name for itself by expanding its presence across 15 cities in India. Notably, it counts prestigious names like Curefoods, Barbeque Nation, Frozen Bottle, and 7-11 among its valued clients. This demonstrates the trust and confidence established by Yumlane in the competitive foodtech landscape.

Curefoods’ Growth Trajectory

Curefoods, a house of brands startup, is on a fast-track journey to becoming a dominant player in the foodtech industry. In April, the company secured a significant infusion of Rs 300 crore, a mix of equity and debt, further accelerating its expansion plans. The funding round was led by Binny Bansal’s fund, with participation from other firms like Iron Pillar, Chiratae Ventures, and Ask Finance.

Founder Ankit Nagori has expressed that 90% of the funding raised was equity, underscoring the company’s strong financial position. This acquisition of Yumlane aligns seamlessly with Curefoods’ vision of geographic expansion and diversification into the offline space. With a clear roadmap and an enviable financial backing, Curefoods seems well-poised to execute its plans.

The Potential Impact on the Foodtech Industry

The Yumlane acquisition by Curefoods might upend the Indian foodtech market in a number of ways.

First, it might result in the development of a more robust and varied pizza product portfolio. Curefoods can improve its pizza-related services and provide customers with more alternatives and experiences by utilizing Yumlane’s technology and experience. More competition in the pizza market as a result may spur innovation and raise standards of quality.

Second, the acquisition expands Curefoods’ network of distribution. Yumlane’s strong B2B client network and exceptional reach allow Curefoods to expand into new areas and customer categories. This broader audience may help generate more income and sales, which will aid in the company’s overall expansion.


The acquisition of Yumlane by Curefoods is a significant development in India’s foodtech industry. It reflects a well-thought-out strategy that brings together two forward-thinking companies with complementary strengths. Curefoods’ commitment to expanding its pizza portfolio and distribution network, combined with Yumlane’s innovative technology and impressive clientele, opens up new possibilities for both companies.