How To Catch and Evolve Stantler to Wyrdeer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet A guide on Catching and Evolving Stantler to Wyrdeer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of catching Stantler, evolving it into Wyrdeer, and even a bit about trading if you’re feeling sociable. First things first, let’s talk about Stantler. This Normal-type Pokemon from the Johto Region has made its way into Paldea, and we’re here to guide you on where to find it. Stantler can be spotted in the South Province in three different areas: Area One, Area Three, and Area Five. 

Credits – Wyrdeer

Catching Stantler in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you’re feeling adventurous and have snagged three Gym Badges, you can encounter Stantler as a 3-star Tera Raid boss. These raids unlock once you’ve proven your skills in the gym battles. Plus, Pokemon found in 3-star Raids might have a cool Hidden Ability. 

For the dedicated trainers who’ve grabbed the expansion pass, Stantler can also be found in Kitakami (Teal Mask) at Reveler’s Road, Mossfell Confluence, and Timeless Woods. Just remember, the Stantlers in Timeless Woods are no pushovers; they’re a bit higher level, around mid-50s, even if you haven’t reached the postgame yet.

Now, here’s a pro tip for you. Head to the rocky bridge linking Area Five to Area Three in the South Province. This is Stantler’s favorite hangout. Run back and forth across the bridge, and you’ll increase your chances of encountering this elusive Pokemon. Easy, right?

Unlocking Wyrdeer’s Mystery

Now that you’ve got Stantler in your Pokedex, let’s talk about the evolution mystery: Wyrdeer. Here’s the details: you can’t get Wyrdeer in Scarlet & Violet unless you evolve your Stantler in Pokemon Legends: Arceus or trade with a lucky friend who already has a Wyrdeer.

In the Legends: Arceus game, Stantler could evolve into Wyrdeer after using the move Psyshield Bash 20 times in the Agile Style. However, since Agile and Strong Styles are MIA in Scarlet/Violet, evolving Stantler in Paldea is a no-go.

But fear not, aspiring Pokemon masters! We’ve got a step-by-step guide for those of you with a copy of Legends: Arceus. First, place your Stantler in a PC Box in Scarlet/Violet, then hop into Pokemon HOME on Switch. Move Stantler to a Basic Box/Pokemon Storage in HOME and save. Now, open Legends: Arceus in Pokemon HOME, put Stantler in a Pasture, and save again. Are you following so far? Great!

Next, fire up Legends: Arceus, put Stantler in your party, and use the Agile Style of Psyshield Bash in battle. Make sure Stantler reaches level 31 to master the move. Once that’s done, let the evolution happen, place Wyrdeer in a Pasture, and save. Now, head back to HOME, move Wyrdeer to the Basic Box, and save again. Finally, open Scarlet/Violet, and there you have it – Wyrdeer is in your PC Box!

Now, if you’re not too fussed about your Stantler/Wyrdeer’s Trainer ID, you can always catch and evolve a Stantler in Legends: Arceus and transfer it to Scarlet/Violet. Just be aware that this will label your Pokemon as “Traded,” and it won’t fully obey you unless you’ve got enough Gym Badges. Safety first, trainers!

Trading for Wyrdeer

If you’d rather not go through the evolution process, trading is your ticket to Wyrdeer-town. Set up a Link Code or join someone else’s Union Circle to make the trade happen. Just a heads up, though: online features require a Nintendo Online Membership Subscription, so make sure you’re subscribed. Prices are pretty reasonable: $3.99 for 1 month, $7.99 for 3 months, and $19.99 for a whole year.

To trade in Scarlet/Violet, turn on Online Features, head to PokePortal, and select Link Trade. You can either set a Code or input one if you’ve got a pre-made Code for Wyrdeer. Choose a Pokemon to trade, and you’re on your way to adding Wyrdeer to your collection.