How to Defeat Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impact A guide on Defeating Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impact

Embarking on the quest to conquer the mysterious Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impact opens up a thrilling adventure in the newly released Version 4.2 update. This journey, titled “Waking from the Great Dream,” takes players through a captivating narrative involving familiar characters like Caterpillar, Ann, and Seymour, unraveling the enigma of the Narzissenkreuz Ordo and Annapausis. This article serves as your guide to overcoming the challenges posed by Narzissenkreuz and emerging victorious in this intriguing tale.

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Unlocking the Quest

Before delving into the confrontation with Narzissenkreuz, players must complete a series of prerequisite quests in Genshin Impact. Specifically, “Ancient Colors,” “Ann of Narzissenkreuz,” and “Unfinished Comedy” must be conquered to gain access to the pivotal “Waking from the Great Dream” quest. Following this, the first sub-quest, “Search in the Algae Sea,” will automatically unlock, guiding players to the Narzissenkreuz Institute. Here, speaking to Caterpillar initiates the journey towards the third sub-quest, “Waking from the Great Dream,” where Narzissenkreuz’s presence becomes apparent.

The showdown with Narzissenkreuz commences after successfully defeating the Guard Meks in the Savior’s Wake quest. Players dive into the Primordial Sea, navigating through an ocean current until they encounter the mastermind himself at the center of the ocean. Here, Narzissenkreuz engages in conversation, requesting the Traveler to hand over the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz, setting the stage for the ultimate battle.


The encounter with Narzissenkreuz takes place in the depths of the Primordial Sea, following the completion of the Savior’s Wake quest. Travelers must swim through the ocean current, leading to a meeting with the mastermind himself. In a dialogue, Narzissenkreuz requests the Traveler to hand over the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz, setting the stage for an intense battle.

Defeating Narzissenkreuz is no easy feat. Travelers face a challenge as they cannot bring their party into the battle, and they are locked onto the Level 80 version of the Traveler, armed with the Level 80 Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz.

Evade & Dodge:

In the initial phase of the battle, dodging is paramount, as Narzissenkreuz boasts formidable defenses. Close-quarters dodging or maintaining a safe distance while monitoring attacks proves crucial. Though damage dealt is minimal initially, Travelers must persevere until Narzissenkreuz unleashes the Rain of Blades, signaling a shift in strategy.

Rain of Blades:

The Rain of Blades attack marks a turning point. After evading through a portal guided by the Holy Blade, Travelers return to the battle arena. Now, the Holy Blade glows, signaling its charged attack. Players should dodge and strategize until the perfect moment to unleash the charged attack damage against Narzissenkreuz.

Charged Attack Damage:

Timing is everything. The glowing Holy Blade signifies a charged attack ready to unleash devastating damage. Travelers must heed the prompt and release a charged attack at the opportune moment. Meanwhile, they can use regenerating orbs to recover from Narzissenkreuz’s assaults.

Players gradually deplete Narzissenkreuz’s HP until a climactic cutscene unfolds, signifying victory. The defeated Narzissenkreuz takes on a diminished appearance resembling a Hydro Phantasm. With this triumph, players advance to the next segment of the World Quest series, “Rowboat’s Wake,” where the group reunites, journeys to Annapausis, and endeavors to save Mary-Ann.

Quest Rewards

Completing the “Waking from the Great Dream” quest bestows players with substantial rewards, including 30 Primogems, 35,000 Mora, and 200 Adventure EXP. Additionally, the achievement “An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane Universe” is unlocked, adding 5 Primogems to the player’s collection and contributing to the Wonders of the World series.

The challenge posed by Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impact’s “Waking from the Great Dream” quest requires a combination of strategic evasion, precise timing, and persistence to complete. As players emerge triumphant, the rewards and achievements earned serve as a testament to their skill and determination in navigating the immersive world of Genshin Impact.