How To Get Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen A guide on Getting Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an exciting action RPG where upgrading your weapons to their maximum potential is vital for success. To achieve this, you need Large Deralium Shards, which are crucial for weapon reinforcement. These shards can be somewhat tricky to find, especially if you are aiming to enhance multiple weapons. But fear not, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you how to efficiently farm Large Deralium Shards to bolster your arsenal in Lords of the Fallen.

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Large Deralium Shards are the third-tier upgrade materials in Lords of the Fallen, and they play a crucial role in enhancing your weapons. The process of upgrading your weapons can be both expensive and time-consuming. This is particularly true when you’re in need of materials for reinforcement, and Large Deralium Shards are not easy to come by.

Locating Large Deralium Shards:

When you’re starting your journey in Lords of the Fallen and looking to upgrade your first weapon, you’ll likely find it relatively easy to collect Large Deralium Shards. However, the real challenge arises when you want to boost a second or third weapon. The good news is that these shards can be farmed, and you can gather an ample supply of them if you know where to search.

Farming Large Deralium Shards:

To successfully farm Large Deralium Shards, you need to find and defeat Holy Bulwarks, which are similar to the first boss you encounter after the tutorial segment. These formidable enemies are clad in crusader-like armor with distinctive bucket-style helmets and wield hefty two-handed maces.

  1. Forsaken Fen:
    • Two Holy Bulwarks can be found in the Forsaken Fen area, situated in the mountain pass region near the Fen waypoint.
    • To reach this location, you’ll need to ascend a bone ladder in the Umbral.
    • Teleport to the Fen waypoint and navigate through a flooded cave tunnel shortcut to locate the ladder.
  2. Holy Bulwark Locations:
    • As you progress through the mountain pass, you’ll encounter Hallowed Sentinel patrols guarding the area.
    • The first Holy Bulwark is concealed behind destructible objects near the bone ladder.
    • The second Holy Bulwark stands guard farther into the mountain pass, along the zig-zagging dirt road leading to the Congregator of Flesh’s chasm.

Optimizing Your Farm:

For a smoother farming experience, consider placing a Vestige Seed on the opposite side of the road leading to the second Bulwark. This will create a fast travel point for you, making it easier to access the farming location. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. From the Fen waypoint, proceed towards the mountain pass.
  2. After crossing the Umbral spine bridge, turn left instead of right.
  3. You’ll find a clearing overlooking the swamp, which is the ideal spot to plant the Vestige Seed.

Alternate Farming Location:

If you prefer an alternative farming location, you can head to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. This area contains several flower beds near Holy Bulwark spawn points. Notable locations include the flower bed near the Kitchen and the corridor near the path leading to the Abiding Defenders boss arena.

Keep in mind that while farming for Large Deralium Shards, they have a relatively low drop rate. Be prepared to accumulate the entire Holy Bulwark armor set along the way. Now that you know where to find these shards, let’s summarize the key steps to ensure a successful farming session:

  1. Locate Holy Bulwarks in the Forsaken Fen.
  2. Defeat these enemies to obtain Large Deralium Shards.
  3. Consider planting a Vestige Seed for easy access to the farming location.
  4. Alternatively, explore the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers for additional farming opportunities.

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