How To Get To Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG A guide on Getting To Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a classic game filled with exciting adventures, and one of its hidden gems is Monstro Town. Nestled on a cliffside, this unique town is home to reformed monsters and a Toad woman named Monstermama. To unlock the mysteries of Monstro Town, follow our guide on how to get there and unravel its secrets.

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Discovering Monstro Town

After successfully clearing Belome Temple, you’ll gain access to Monstro Town. It’s a place where monsters and refugees, like Goomhilde and Jagger, have found solace away from the Koopa Troop. Goomhilde now manages a store with her children, and Jagger takes on challenges at the dojo with his sensei Jinx.

Among the unique characters, there’s a Chow who keeps track of Mario’s Super Jumps, a Comeon who reveals the locations of invisible chests, and a Starslap that dances to a tune. Sleeping in the free bed triggers a visit from the 3 Musty Fears, setting off a scavenger hunt. Culex, the statistically strongest boss in the game, is also a notable visitor, encountered by using a Shiny Stone on the sealed door.

Unlocking the Monstro Town Door

Upon your arrival in Monstro Town, you’ll notice a sealed black door in the middle of the town. This mysterious door cannot be opened by regular means, but fear not, for a special item will unlock its secrets.

To get the key, head back to Moleville and visit the northernmost house. Inside, you’ll find a mole selling Fireworks for 500 Coins each. Purchase one and, as you exit, keep an eye out for a small mole with a pink bow among the crates. This mole runs a “Pur-tend” Store and offers a Shiny Stone in exchange for your Fireworks.

Now armed with the Shiny Stone, return to Monstro Town and approach the sealed door. Use the stone to unlock it, revealing a surprising encounter with the Final Fantasy-inspired boss, Culex. Brace yourself for a tough battle – recommended level 20 or higher, Lazy Shell and Lazy Armor equipped for maximum damage.

Monstro Town’s Hidden Treasures

Monstro Town is not just about battles; it’s also hiding some treasures for the avid explorer. Head to the very last room in the town, stand west of the bush, and jump to reveal the sole Hidden Treasure chest. Inside, you’ll find a Frog Coin – a delightful reward for your curiosity.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. With the temple key obtained from the Thwomp, hop on the trampoline at the northwest end of town. Revisit Belome Temple, collect the treasures, including Frog Coins and Flowers, and make your way back to the desert area.

Take the elevator back up, flip the switch, and if the message says, “Sorry, I’m not accepting visitors past my bedtime,” use the elevator again until it changes. Give Belome the key, and discover a room full of treasure. Pick up the goodies, unlock a shortcut by paying 100 coins to the hooded figure guarding the trampoline, and use it to return to the desert area.

As you head out of the northeast exit, be ready for Sky Troopas. If you manage to climb up the Sky Troopas in less than 11 seconds, you’ll receive a Troopa Medal/Troopa Pin as a reward. This accessory boosts your damage output by 50% and grants a speed boost, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG is a hidden paradise waiting to be explored. By following these steps, unlocking the town’s secrets, and braving the challenges, you’ll uncover a world filled with reformed monsters, hidden treasures, and epic battles. So, gear up, Mario, and embark on this thrilling journey to Monstro Town!