How to Hide Reposts on TikTok

TikTok has become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of users daily producing and sharing a wide range of material. However, as users frequently repost other people’s videos, not all content on TikTok is unique. If you’re sick of constantly seeing the same videos on TikTok, follow this technique to hide reposts and have a more customised feed.

Recognising the Reposting Culture on TikTok

Reposting is a fundamental component of the platform’s collaborative and artistic atmosphere, which is well-known. Content that users find relatable, intriguing, or entertaining is frequently shared by users. Although this encourages community involvement, it occasionally results in a repeated feed. Managing the reposting culture starts with understanding it.

Recognising Reposted Content

Recognising reposts on TikTok is a prerequisite to being able to conceal them. Captions for reposted videos frequently read “found this on the FYP” or “not my video.” Keep an eye out for these indicators; if you notice them often, the article is probably a repost.

Customising Your TikTok Feed

By letting the algorithm know what kinds of content they like, consumers may make their For You Page (FYP) unique on TikTok. Engage with videos by sharing, enjoying, and commenting on stuff that piques your interest in order to achieve this. Afterwards, comparable content on your FYP will be given priority by TikTok’s algorithm, decreasing the possibility of reposts.

Using the “Not Interested” Function

TikTok offers a feature called “Not Interested” that allows you to customise your choices for content. If you see a video that has been reposted or any other content that you don’t want to watch, hit the three dots at the bottom of the screen and choose “Not Interested.” By doing this, you’re telling TikTok’s algorithm that you want to see fewer content of this kind.

Using the “See Fewer Posts Like This” Choice

TikTok provides a more focused choice to see fewer posts similar to the one you are currently viewing, in addition to “Not Interested.” With the use of this function, you may give TikTok direct feedback about the information that is displayed on your screen, which will help the app better tailor its recommendations to your tastes.

Curating Your Following List

Selecting which accounts you follow is a good method to reduce the amount of content that is reposted. Select the creators whose work you truly like to follow, and check your list of followers from time to time to make sure it still reflects your tastes. This will support the upkeep of a feed that is more unique and varied.

Reporting and Blocking Accounts

You should think about reporting and blocking accounts that often repost content without providing attribution or that go against TikTok’s community guidelines. This enhances the TikTok community and makes it a healthier, more polite place for everyone to be.


In conclusion, hiding reposts and reclaiming control over your TikTok stream is an easy procedure that combines customization, interaction, and feedback. Through an awareness of TikTok’s reposting culture and the platform’s features, you can customise your feed to reflect your interests and highlight the diverse creativity of the TikTok community.