How To Paint a Cat Face for Halloween A guide on Painting a Cat Face for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for an easy yet classic costume idea, the black cat is a timeless favorite. With just 10 minutes to spare and some black liquid liner, you can transform yourself into a purr-fect feline for the spookiest night of the year. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to paint a cat face for Halloween with a simple approach that anyone, including teens, can follow.

Credits – CountryLiving

Step 1: Apply the White Base Foundation

To begin, lightly dampen your face paint sponge and load it with white face paint. Using a gentle “dabbing” motion, apply the white paint in the following areas:

  • Over the eyes
  • Down the nose
  • Around the nose (to create the cat’s muzzle)
  • Above the upper lip
  • Create a triangular shape for the cat’s ears above the eyebrows.

This white base will serve as the canvas for your cat face.

Step 2: Load up Your Brush

Now, grab a ¾” Flat Brush and your one-stroke face paint. Thoroughly wet the brush and place it flat over the paint. Load the brush on one side, then flip it to load the colors on the other side, making sure to blend the colors together.

Step 3: Creating the Cat Ears

Start at the top of the ear with the tip of the brush, then flatten it as you move downward. Angle the brush flat against the paint, bringing it down the other side of the ear, filling in the gap. This will create the distinctive cat ears.

Step 4: Painting the Eyes and Cheeks

Continuing with the same ¾” flat brush, rinse and reload the paint. Starting at a slight angle towards the corner of the eye, swoop the paint towards the eye and back out, forming a backwards “C.” Using smaller “C”-like flicks, fill in the fur around the muzzle on each cheek.

Don’t worry about perfection; in fact, layering the paint and not being too precise will give the cat’s fur a textured look.

Step 5: Create the Line Work around the Ears and Mouth

Now, it’s time to use black face paint and a round No. 3 brush to add the line work around the ears and mouth. Follow the grey one-stroke paint to add the details. To outline the muzzle, start from just inside the corner of the eye and follow your brush around where the white and grey paint meet, down to the corner of the mouth. For added effect, add two lines at either side of the muzzle.

Step 6: Add the Nose!

Load a slightly larger round No. 6 brush with pink face paint to add the cat’s nose. Keep the nose relatively small. As an optional step, you can add fine glitter while the paint is still wet to give the cat a sparkling nose.

Step 7: Adding the Whiskers

To complete the cat face, add black dots on either side of the muzzle. Then, load a No. 0 script liner brush with white paint and add the white whiskers by flicking the brush outward from the black dots.

Other Cat Face Paint Ideas

If you want to explore different cat-themed Halloween looks, here are a few ideas:

  1. Mellow and Light Cat: Create a dreamy cat look with soft lines and bold blush. Add a touch of white to brighten the look without overpowering it. Finish off with a pearl cat-ear headband for added charm.
  2. Realistic Cat: If you’re up for a more dramatic transformation, aim for a lifelike cat appearance. Use a soft pencil eyeliner to draw realistic hairlike strokes around your hair and jawlines. Electric-green-colored contacts can enhance the effect.
  3. Pink Panther Cat: For a playful twist, consider a color-blocked look with bright pink accents. You can add a few spots on your eyelids or don leopard-print cat ears for a cute and vibrant style.
  4. Black Cat: For those who love witches and cats or want a black cat costume, consider combining red and black. Use colored hairspray for a two-toned look and soften the contrast with light pink blush and eye shadow.

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