Lucid Gravity SUV Sets New Standard for Electric Range with 440-Mile Claim

Lucid Motors, a California-based luxury electric vehicle (EV) startup, has unveiled its latest creation, the Lucid Gravity, at the 2023 LA Auto Show. This full-size SUV, which is set to begin production in late 2024, marks a significant expansion in Lucid’s vehicle lineup, following the success of its Lucid Air sedan. The Gravity promises to deliver a blend of luxury, performance, and efficiency, setting a new benchmark in the electric SUV segment.


Design and Interior

The Lucid Gravity’s design is a seamless extension of the aesthetic established by the Lucid Air. It features the brand’s signature visor-shaped light signature and a larger front bumper. The rear is accentuated by a large spoiler, adding to the vehicle’s dynamic appearance. The SUV’s design wraps the Lucid Air’s language around a more vertical, three-row SUV structure, offering both style and spaciousness.

Inside, the Gravity offers an unparalleled experience with its expansive glass roof, which stretches from the hood’s cowl to the b-pillars, creating an airy and open cabin environment. The interior is further enhanced by Lucid’s 34-inch curved OLED upper display and a larger Pilot Panel lower screen, both part of the next-generation infotainment system. This system is designed for over-the-air updates, ensuring the Gravity remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Passengers in the second row can enjoy new sliding seats and integrated tables, while the third row promises substantial legroom. The Gravity also boasts up to 112 cubic feet of cargo capacity, combining a large rear storage area and a massive front trunk.


Performance and Efficiency

Lucid Motors has already made a name for itself with the Lucid Air, known for its impressive range and efficiency. The Gravity aims to follow suit, boasting an estimated range of 440 miles per charge. This remarkable range is attributed to the SUV’s aerodynamic design and a class-leading sub-2.4 drag coefficient.

While detailed specs for the launch editions are yet to be released, it’s speculated that the Gravity will utilize the Air Grand Touring’s 112 kilowatt-hour battery pack. This could translate to around 620 horsepower and a dual-motor configuration, allowing for a 3.5-second sprint from 0 to 60 mph. Additionally, a single-motor rear-drive configuration might be offered, along with a potential high-performance Sapphire model.


The Gravity is based on Lucid’s 900-volt BEV architecture, enabling it to add up to 200 miles of range with just a 15-minute charge at a 350-kW DC fast charging station. It also boasts up to 1,500 pounds of payload and a 6,000-pound towing capacity.


Pricing and Availability

Lucid Motors has announced that the Gravity SUV’s production is expected to start in late 2024, with pricing starting under $80,000. This price point is strategically set to make the Gravity eligible for IRA EV tax incentives. The initial launch will likely feature a more expensive, limited-run Dream Edition, offering enhanced performance and luxury.

The Gravity is positioned to compete with other full-size electric SUVs like the Tesla Model X, Rivian R1S, and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV. While preorders are not yet open, interested customers can sign up for notifications.


The Lucid Gravity is more than just an addition to Lucid Motors’ lineup; it’s a statement of intent in the electric SUV market. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, luxurious design, and impressive performance, the Gravity is poised to redefine expectations for what an electric SUV can be. As the 2024 production date approaches, the automotive world eagerly anticipates the arrival of this groundbreaking vehicle.