Ola Electric Converts To Public Entity Ahead Of IPO

Ola Electric is gearing up for a revolutionary adventure as it becomes a public company and heads for the bright lights of an initial public offering (IPO). This transformation, together with a corporate makeover and a name change from Ola Electric transportation Private Limited to the exciting Ola Electric Mobility Limited, marks a critical turning point for the expert in electric transportation.

Moneycontrol had previously reported that Ola Electric has roped in Kotak Mahindra Capital and Goldman Sachs for an initial public offering (IPO) in early 2024. (Representative Image)

Credits: Money Control

The Conversion Odyssey:

Picture this: Ola Electric navigating the twists and turns of corporate bureaucracy, donning a new identity with a Ministry of Corporate Affairs certificate as its passport. Dated November 17, the certificate proudly declares the company’s evolution from a private to a public entity, a metamorphic feat achieved under Section 18 of the Companies Act, 2013. And voilà, Ola Electric Mobility Private Limited becomes Ola Electric Mobility Limited.

Revving up for the IPO Showdown:

Ola Electric is poised to become a major player in the exciting world of initial public offerings. Equipped with regulatory filings, the business hopes to impress investors with an astounding $700 million initial public offering. Investors hoping to ride the wave of Ola Electric’s future are in for a wild ride, since the deadline for this spectacular debut is scheduled for the end of October.

Financial Symphony and IPO Maestros:

Behind the scenes, Ola Electric has orchestrated a financial symphony, closing a funding round that echoes to the tune of $380 million. Temasek-led investors and a serenade of debt from the State Bank of India have joined the chorus, injecting vitality into Ola’s electric dreams. To guide this musical journey to IPO glory, the company has enlisted the support of financial maestros – Kotak Mahindra Capital and Goldman Sachs.

Scooter Galore and Manufacturing Marvels:

Ola Electric, whose product line currently includes not one, not two, but five electric scooters, knows that diversification is key to success. A wheel symphony, if you will, that will be launched in February 2023 to the sound of style and sustainability.

Beneath its impressive manufacturing facade sits Ola Electric’s Krishnagiri factory, a manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing one million electric vehicles a year. Hold on, though, because there are plans to expand this capacity and add motorbikes to the group. Additionally, a specialized battery production facility is writing the code for India’s first lithium-ion battery production.

Financial Rollercoaster and Redemption Quest:

Reality check: even trailblazers face bumps in the road. Ola Electric, despite its dazzling performance in the electric mobility arena, reported an operating loss of $136 million against revenue of $335 million in the fiscal year ending March 2023. But fear not; the IPO looms on the horizon like a beacon of financial redemption, promising to fuel the company’s dreams and aspirations.

Impact Unleashed:

  1. Capital Carnival: With the IPO carnival approaching, Ola Electric is gearing up to ride the capital rollercoaster. The infusion of funds promises to be the nitro boost for expansion, tech innovation, and a stronghold in the competitive electric mobility domain.
  2. Spotlight Sparkle: A public listing isn’t just about capital; it’s about stepping into the spotlight. Ola Electric, by going public, is set to dazzle under the spotlight, attracting partners, investors, and customers alike. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen as a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Race to Innovate: The IPO windfall is a ticket to the innovation race. Ola Electric, armed with a treasure trove of capital, is poised to sprint ahead in the cutthroat electric mobility sector. Research and development will be the fuel for staying ahead in this ever-evolving race.
  4. Confidence Symphony: With financial heavyweights like Kotak Mahindra Capital and Goldman Sachs backing the IPO, investor confidence is set to crescendo. This symphony of confidence is poised to strike a chord with potential investors, cementing Ola Electric’s standing in the market.


There is a tangible sense of expectation in the air as Ola Electric takes center stage. The IPO is a big deal that showcases Ola Electric’s transformation from a privately held company to a well-known public phenomenon. It’s not only a financial event. Ola Electric is getting ready for an exciting journey, complete with wheels rolling, scooters humming, and IPO documents in hand. As this explosive story develops, keep an eye out for turns, twists, and maybe even a few surprises.