YouTube Reportedly Testing AI Features to Enhance User’s Experience

Video streaming giant YouTube is expected to become additional AI capabilities features in the coming future. YouTube has already been getting a lot of updates, be it on coming up with new content policy changes to bring more convenience for both viewers and content creators. But Google has been topping up its game with the first-ever integration with Artificial Intelligence features within the YouTube app.

After many products and services integrating AI capabilities, we will get these to YouTube, too.  As far as details are concerned, it’s been said that the new AI features will work based on the ChatGPT, where you will get more chatbot tools to answer your questions.

Does this improve the overall viewing quality for the viewers? To answer your questions, we have covered everything you need about these new AI features for YouTube.

YouTube to Introduce a New AI Feature to Its Platform

YouTube AI Chatbot - Working in Realtime
YouTube AI Chatbot – Working in Realtime
Image Credits: Tubefilter

With the usage as well as the introduction of new Artificial Intelligence capabilities, many products have been getting support for AI all around the world.

Things started with the release of ChatGPT, which has its own LLM models, bringing the revolution of Artificial intelligence globally.

After that, many tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon, started to work on bringing their own built Generative Artificial intelligence tools.

Giants like Microsoft have already brought Artificial intelligence features. Recently, Microsoft Excel got support for BingChat, the new Artificial intelligence chatbot developed in collaboration with OpenAI, the developer of CHatGPT.

Just like this, Microsoft has already been working towards bringing AI features to all their tools.

However, we have Google’s YouTube outside of Microsoft, which will introduce its generative AI features. Well, as Google already has their LLM-based AI, Bard, which works quite similarly to the ChatGPT from OpenAI, Google will be integrating their Bard Chatbot into the YouTube streaming platform.

How AI Tool Will Be Integrated Into YouTube

Now you know what we will see when YouTube will integrate the AI tool into their platform.

However, you will question how this chatbot could be helpful for YouTube. Google claims that the idea has been adding a chatbot feature to YouTube; with this, you will be able to organize content as per your queries.

This tool will be used to offer more profound responses to your questions, and it will work well with academic videos, so if you have a doubt, this chatbot has got you covered with it.

You can also ask for the best-recommended video from the chatbot as per your topic of interest.

Also, YouTube will have another tool that will work towards organizing the comments into topics, making it easier for you to discuss the topics you are looking for.

Talking more in-depth, the AI tool will engage the overall user engine in the comment section of long, detailed videos.

Also, the AI tool will easily digest the long comments into digestible and easy-to-read words. To be more specific, you can also sort the topics with the “Topic Sorting” option, where you can access only the comments on your topic of interest.

Even YouTube creators can take the help of these AI tools by taking suggestions and summarizing dialogue to engaging dialogs on their v ideas; this can help give viewers a good value experience.

When Will YouTube release this AI tool?

Currently, no such name is revealed for this YouTube AI tool, nor are the released details for this AI tool out.

As of now, the tech giant has been working towards testing these features. We already have these features rolled out experimentally to a few of the selected YouTube premium users and creators.