BharatPe fraud: EOW spots date discrepancies

The fintech industry has been a hotspot for innovation and growth, with companies like BharatPe gaining prominence in the financial technology sector. However, recent revelations have shed light on alleged financial irregularities involving recruitment firms associated with BharatPe’s co-founder, Ashneer Grover, and his family members. The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police conducted an investigation that uncovered a web of questionable practices, including the use of backdated invoices to siphon off funds.

Ashneer Grover with wife Madhuri Jain.

Credits: Mint

The Allegations

Eight human resources (HR) consulting businesses that BharatPe used had one thing in common, according to the EOW investigation: they were related to Ashneer Grover’s family. These companies are True Work Co., Team Source, Team Works, Impulse Marketing, Vista Services, Evolve Bizserve, Vardhaman Marketing, and Vikash Enterprises. The fact that the first five of these companies filed bills using bank account numbers that were closed at the time—a sign of the production of backdated invoices—is especially troubling.

Shared Registered Address Raises Eyebrows

One significant finding of the investigation is that these HR consultancy firms, despite being distinct entities, all shared the same registered address with the accused family members and relatives. This raises questions about the legitimacy and independence of these firms, as such close associations may indicate a conflict of interest.

Backdated Invoices: Unraveling the Deception

The use of backdated invoices by the recruitment firms adds another layer to the controversy. Invoices mentioning bank account numbers that were not active at the time of purported transactions suggest a deliberate attempt to mislead and divert funds. This practice not only points to financial irregularities but also raises concerns about transparency and accountability in BharatPe’s financial operations.

Untraceable Vendor Payments

Compounding the issue, the EOW reported its inability to trace many firms to which BharatPe had made vendor payments. This lack of transparency in financial transactions further complicates the investigation and raises questions about the due diligence exercised by BharatPe in its business dealings.

Companies Involved: An Overview

Vardhaman Marketing: One of the implicated firms, Vardhaman Marketing, finds itself at the center of the controversy. Its connection to Ashneer Grover’s family and the submission of backdated invoices have brought the firm under the scanner.

Impulse Marketing: Similar to Vardhaman Marketing, Impulse Marketing is under investigation for its role in the alleged financial irregularities. The common registered address and questionable invoicing practices have placed this firm in the spotlight.

Vikash Enterprises, Team Source, Team Works, Evolve Bizserve, Vista Services, and True Work Co.
Allegations pertaining to the use of a common address and the filing of invoices that are past due are shared by the remaining firms. These businesses’ interconnectedness raises the possibility of a deliberate attempt to falsify financial data.

Possible Impact of the Revelations

The allegations against recruitment firms associated with BharatPe and its co-founder could have far-reaching consequences for the fintech unicorn and its stakeholders. The potential impacts include:

Reputational Damage: The public revelation of financial irregularities can significantly damage BharatPe’s reputation. Trust is a crucial asset in the fintech sector, and any erosion of confidence among users, investors, or business partners could have lasting effects.

Legal Ramifications: If the allegations are proven true, legal consequences are inevitable. Violations of financial regulations and fraudulent activities could lead to legal actions, fines, and regulatory sanctions against BharatPe and individuals involved.

Operational Disruptions: Ongoing investigations and legal proceedings may divert management attention and resources, potentially disrupting BharatPe’s day-to-day operations. This could impact the company’s ability to innovate, compete, and sustain growth in an already dynamic industry.

Investor Confidence: The fintech sector relies heavily on investor confidence. The allegations may lead to a loss of trust among existing investors and make it challenging for BharatPe to attract new investments, hindering its future fundraising efforts.


The financial irregularities concerning the co-founder of BharatPe and related recruitment agencies are a developing story that underscores the risks and difficulties facing the fintech industry. The Economic Offences Wing’s examination highlights the importance of strong internal controls, openness, and moral business conduct for businesses, particularly for those engaged in the quickly developing financial technology sector. The fintech sector will be intently monitoring how these discoveries affect BharatPe and its market standing as the court proceedings progress.