How To Beat the Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ A guide on Beating the Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ

This elusive enemy is known for guarding valuable Weapon Cases, making it worthwhile for players to strategize and prepare for the encounter. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to take down the Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ, step by step, ensuring you secure the coveted loot and complete your mission.

Credits – InfinityWard

Warzone 2 DMZ’s Ashika Island is a treasure trove of activities, challenges, and objectives for players to go for. From the Well Supplied Soldier Mission to Dealmaker, there are plenty of exciting adventures awaiting you. Furthermore, Ashika Island offers unique rewards and trophies that you won’t find anywhere else. Even though Ashika Island is smaller in size compared to Al Mazrah, it presents excellent opportunities for players to level up and progress in the game.

Locating the Bombmaker

The Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ is notorious for being a tough nut to crack. They typically appear in heavily fortified locations, making it essential for players to be well-prepared and well-armored to stand a chance against this formidable adversary.

To find the Bombmaker, head to the Tsuki Castle on Ashika Island, which is situated at its center. The Bombmaker is stationed at the pinnacle of the Tsuki Castle, guarding the precious Weapon Case. You can easily spot the Weapon Case on your tactical map, as it is marked by a distinctive yellow-orange circle. Once you identify the icon, head towards it. However, gaining access to the Tsuki Castle is not free. Players must either locate a Tsuki Castle Hideout Key or take down the Wheelson, an AI guarding the castle’s perimeter.

Defeating the Wheelson

To defeat the Wheelson, target the robot and commence shooting to deplete its health. Once you’ve weakened the Wheelson, approach it and hack the AI until you receive a notification stating, “Castle Security Access Acquired.” With this crucial security access, you can now enter the Tsuki Castle to confront the Bombmaker.

Preparing for Battle

Before attempting to take down the Bombmaker in Warzone 2 DMZ, players must deal with a variety of obstacles. These include riot shield enemies, heavily-armored AI combatants, claymores, trip mines, and sentry guns. It is imperative to equip yourself with the right weapon loadout and ensure you have an ample supply of ammunition to eliminate these adversaries before you reach the Bombmaker.

To make your journey more manageable, consider shooting through the windows to eliminate as many AI foes as possible. Reducing their numbers beforehand will significantly increase your chances of success when you face the Bombmaker.

Killing the Bombmaker

Once you’ve made your way to the summit of the Tsuki Castle, you will enter the Weapon Case zone. Here, you will receive a prompt indicating the presence of a heavily armored adversary protecting the case. This is your signal to prepare for a challenging showdown with the Bombmaker, who is a formidable foe. Position yourself strategically, taking cover if necessary, and focus your firepower on the Bombmaker until they are defeated.

The Bombmaker may prove to be a formidable adversary, but with the right Warzone weapons and attachments, victory is within reach. Notably, the Bombmaker does not wear a helmet, making headshots particularly effective. Aim for the head to expedite the process of defeating this challenging enemy.

Claiming the Loot

Once you’ve successfully defeated the Bombmaker, your efforts will be rewarded. The Bombmaker will drop a Weapon Case, which you can loot to secure the key required to complete your mission. However, keep in mind that your mission is not complete until you exfiltrate the Tsuki Castle.