How To Beat Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2 A guide on Beating Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales faces a pivotal showdown with the menacing Mister Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This boss fight is a defining moment in the game, as Miles seeks revenge against Martin Li, the man responsible for the deadly Devli’s Breath and the tragic loss of his father, Jefferson Davis. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to conquer Mister Negative without relying on the Symbiote Black Suit.

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Phase One

As you step into Kraven’s arena, you’ll confront the very person who shattered Miles’ life – Mister Negative. Before you can exact your revenge, it’s crucial to understand Mr. Negative’s attack patterns. Martin Li wields a sword and initiates a horizontal slash, which you must evade by pressing the X button. To avoid these attacks in the future, stick close to Li to prevent him from launching his wave of negative energy. Jumping is your primary defense against this attack.

In addition to horizontal swipes, Mister Negative can perform vertical slams with his sword, generating a vertical wave of negative energy. You can dodge these attacks by pressing the Circle button, making them easier to counter than the horizontal swipes. Be prepared, as Li can unleash multiple vertical strikes when he’s feeling aggressive.

Watch out for Mister Negative’s Crush attack during the first phase. This attack is impossible to dodge or parry, so look for a blue circle on Li’s body as he holds his sword to the side and dashes forward. Swinging around the arena is an effective way to evade this attack.

When you maintain some distance from Li, he may shoot two negative energy beams from his hands. Fortunately, you can easily dodge these beams. To deplete Li’s health, stay close for a Web Strike, monitor your Spider-Senses, and parry Martin Li’s attacks. Miles’ special attacks can deal significant damage if you’ve invested in his skills and abilities.

Phase Two

After battling Li for some time, a brief cutscene will play, where Martin Li claims that Spider-Man cannot win because he refuses to kill. Miles delivers a powerful retort, commencing the second phase of the fight. Li summons a large demon, which dissipates, leaving him encased in a negative energy bubble. While the bubble is active, you can’t attack Li, and your Venom Powers are disabled.

To handle this phase, dodge and jump to evade horizontal and vertical negative energy slashes, resembling swirling tornadoes. Dodging these attacks is straightforward, and the best countermeasure is to swing around Li using R2. While swinging, Spider-Man appears impervious to Li’s assaults. Once Miles’ Abilities are restored or charged, unleash an ability like Venom Punch/Chain Lightning (L1 + Square) to breach the bubble from within.

With the bubble shattered, the battle resumes, and Mister Negative employs the same moves as in phase one, with a few added flourishes. He executes a combo that includes two sword slashes, which can be parried or dodged. The third attack is an overhead slash, necessitating a parry to avoid damage. Parrying this attack enables you to unleash a furious assault and chip away at Li’s health.

The most effective method for defeating Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2 is to combine gadget usage and melee attacks, as gadgets distract and stun Li. Spider-Man’s abilities and Special Takedown (Circle + Triangle) will significantly lower his health. Consider conserving the Focus meter for healing by accessing it with the Down Button on the D-Pad to prevent death and restart from an earlier checkpoint. Insomniac Games generously provides checkpoints, allowing you to resume the battle from the phase you died in.

Phase Three

As you whittle down Mister Negative’s health, he becomes more aggressive, executing combos that include multiple negative energy slashes followed by a barrage of projectiles, culminating in an overhead parry-only attack. Skilled players who have mastered the parry system can exploit this aggressive style to repeatedly strike Mister Negative during these sequences. However, on higher difficulties, being caught in the combo can prove fatal.

When Mister Negative’s health nears 0%, he summons the negative demon to encase himself in a protective bubble once more. Zip around and dodge the tornado attacks until your Venom Abilities recharge. Then, strike the bubble with one of these Abilities to conclude the boss fight.

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