Catch the first Glimpse of Tesla Cybertruck’s Infotainment UI

The user interface (UI) of the Tesla Cybertruck’s touchscreen display has been a topic of intrigue for electric vehicle enthusiasts ever since the vehicle was first unveiled. Recently, a short YouTube video surfaced, providing an in-depth look at this UI. Though the video was in Russian and the source of the leak remains a mystery, it offers valuable insights into what appears to be the production-intent infotainment system.


The Unveiling of Cybertruck’s UI

First and foremost, the video showcases the UI’s responsiveness. The driver demonstrates pinch-to-zoom and pinch-to-rotate gestures, highlighting the smooth and intuitive user experience. These actions, which allow users to manipulate maps and images with ease, suggest that the Cybertruck’s UI is designed to be user-friendly and efficient.

A brief glimpse of the battery percentage indicator, sitting comfortably at 84%, offers a peek into the vehicle’s battery management system. However, when the driver attempts to switch the display to show remaining miles, nothing changes. This minor hiccup raises questions about the UI’s complete functionality. It’s possible that certain features are still undergoing development, or perhaps they are buried deep within the menus, awaiting final optimization.


The Enigmatic Low-Polygon View

One intriguing feature hinted at in the video is the low-polygon view of the surrounding terrain. This is a graphical representation of the environment that employs a limited number of polygons, which is especially important for off-road driving. Off-road terrains can be complex, rapidly changing, and computationally demanding, making efficient rendering crucial for the driver’s situational awareness.

The potential applications of this feature are numerous. It can assist the driver in identifying obstacles like rocks, trees, and ditches, aiding navigation through challenging landscapes such as steep hills and tight turns. Furthermore, it could provide real-time data on the vehicle’s performance, including speed, pitch, and roll. While Tesla has not provided specific details on how this feature will work, it could draw inspiration from the off-road mode available in some of Tesla’s other vehicles. Such modes typically offer increased ground clearance, reduced traction control, and a hill descent control mode.


The Blurred Line and Immersive Experience

One notable departure from Tesla’s existing UI design is the blurred line that separates the two halves of the Cybertruck’s touchscreen. This contrasts with the solid line used in Tesla’s other vehicles to divide the driver’s side from the passenger side. This departure raises intriguing questions about Tesla’s intentions behind this design choice.

One possibility is that Tesla aims to create a more immersive driving experience for Cybertruck owners. When a driver focuses on the road ahead, the blurred line could create the illusion of piloting a spaceship or a fighter jet. This immersive aspect could potentially make the driving experience more exciting and engaging, setting the Cybertruck apart from its stablemates.

Another perspective is that the blurred line might enhance the UI’s usability. By visually connecting the driver’s and passenger’s sides, Tesla could streamline access to information and controls, reducing distractions. This design choice aligns with Tesla’s emphasis on safety and user-friendly interfaces.


The Missing 360-Degree Camera View

One notable omission from the video and subsequent discussions is the absence of a 360-degree camera view. This feature, present in most of Tesla’s other vehicles, allows drivers to view their surroundings comprehensively, making tasks like parking and maneuvering in tight spaces significantly easier. Its absence in the Cybertruck is conspicuous, given its utility in enhancing situational awareness.

While the video doesn’t provide any concrete information on why the 360-degree camera view isn’t included, it’s reasonable to speculate that Tesla may introduce this feature through a future software update. Tesla is known for its over-the-air updates that continually improve vehicle features and performance. Given the practicality of a 360-degree camera view, it’s likely that many Cybertruck owners would welcome its addition.


A Glimpse of the Model X-like Sun Visors and More

The video offers glimpses of several other intriguing details in the Cybertruck’s interior. Model X-like sun visors are visible, providing a sense of familiarity for those accustomed to Tesla’s product lineup. Additionally, the video highlights the location of the hazard lights switch on the roof console, which also supports the rear-view mirror. This positioning suggests Tesla’s ongoing commitment to optimizing interior space and user experience.


The Cybertruck’s UI maintains Tesla’s commitment to clean and intuitive designs, with accessible controls and minimal distractions. As mass production of the Cybertruck approaches at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, the anticipation surrounding this groundbreaking electric truck continues to grow. It represents not only Tesla’s foray into the electric pickup market but also a leap into the future of automotive technology. With the Cybertruck, Tesla aims to redefine not only the truck segment but also the very nature of the driving experience itself.

Originally posted 2023-10-05 02:12:12.