How To Beat Alan in Alan Wake 2 A guide on Beating Alan in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 takes players on a thrilling journey through the dark and mysterious world of Alan Wake, where they must confront the malevolent forces that threaten to consume the protagonist, Alan. The climax of the game features an epic battle that pits the player and the character Saga against Alan, who is possessed by the Dark Presence. This article will guide you on how to defeat Alan and banish the Dark Presence for good in the final battle of Alan Wake 2.

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To initiate the final battle against Alan, players must first complete the summoning ritual. If you’ve already completed Alan’s story initiation, a cutscene will play, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown. Saga will piece together the final parts of the puzzle, revealing that Alan has escaped from the Dark Place, and that Mr. Scratch is not a mere manifestation of the Dark Presence; rather, he is Alan himself, imbued with the power of the Dark Presence. Alan will then appear on the beach, and the epic battle will commence.

The battle against Alan draws inspiration from two previous boss fights in the game: the encounter with Mr. Scratch behind the Sheriff’s Station and the Ritual Summoning fight. Unlike previous encounters where players had to face hordes of Taken, the focus in this battle is solely on Alan, who proves to be a formidable adversary. Your objective is to set up a pair of lights that will dispel the Dark Presence’s influence on Alan.

Two lights are already in place, and your task is to rotate these lights to align their beams with the cage designed to trap and destroy shadows. Alan, fueled by the Dark Presence, will attempt to defeat Saga with aggressive teleporting lunges and unleash a powerful pulse attack that emits dark energy in a radius around him. While you can effectively evade Alan’s lunges and melee swipes, dodging the dark energy pulses can be challenging. They often bypass obstacles, making it essential to keep painkillers in your quick slot to restore your health swiftly if you get caught in one of these shockwaves.

As in the fight against Scratch, your primary goal is to deal as much damage as possible to Alan, which will temporarily stun him. After stunning him, interact with the lighting arrays to align them with the cage. Hold down the interact button to begin the alignment process, and when you hear Alan calming down, assume he’s about to resume his assault. Release the interact button, and return to evading attacks and shooting. Importantly, the progress made on the alignment will not reset if interrupted by an attack from Alan, so there’s no need to rush through it.

During the battle, you can use your flashlight to slow down Alan, although this tactic has only a minimal effect. Federal Bureau of Control Agent Estevez will occasionally come to your aid by lighting up Alan with a spotlight, which will slow down Alan’s advances on Saga. Use these moments to your advantage – either land aimed headshots from the crossbow or hunting rifle, or get up close and personal with a fully-loaded pump-action shotgun to deal heavy damage. When Alan stops advancing and starts absorbing dark energy, make a run for the nearest light fixture and make as much progress as possible.

Should you run low on ammo, take a look around the cliffs below where Estevez and Casey are stationed. Occasionally, they will drop a supply box with ammo and healing items. Additionally, there’s a shoebox in the arena that can be accessed during the fight. You’ll find it on the far side, near where Alan is standing at the start of the battle. Remember that accessing the shoebox does not affect the world around Saga; Alan can still attack and pose a threat.

Maintain the pattern of damaging and stunning Alan and aligning the lights in between until both lights are in the correct position. With both lights set, position yourself within the cage and lure Alan inside the light. Once Alan enters the cage with Saga, a cutscene will trigger, marking the end of this intense battle and concluding this section of the game.