How To Equip 2 Primary Weapons in Modern Warfare 3 A guide on Equipping 2 Primary Weapons at the Same Time in Modern Warfare 3

The challenging battles of Modern Warfare 3 require strategic loadouts and a deep understanding of the equipment at your disposal. One of the game’s key features is the ability to wield two primary weapons simultaneously, granting players unparalleled flexibility in combat scenarios. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining and equipping dual primary weapons, ensuring you have the upper hand in every firefight.

Vests play a pivotal role in determining the gear you can bring onto the battlefield, accompanied by some advantageous perks to enhance your gameplay. Fortunately, two of these vests present the opportunity to swap your secondary weapon for another primary, enabling you to dual-wield the game’s most potent guns.

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Why Opt for Two Primary Weapons?

The strategy of equipping two primary weapons in MW3 brings unparalleled versatility, making it a preferred choice among players. For instance, consider a loadout with a sniper rifle as your primary weapon. This configuration makes you a formidable force at long distances but leaves you vulnerable in CQB(close-quarters combat). A sniper rifle is not useful for confined spaces, and if your initial shot fails to eliminate the opponent, your chances of winning that gunfight go down significantly.

Getting Two Primary Weapons in MW3

Your primary weapon serves as your go-to instrument of destruction, but what if circumstances demand a quick reload? What if you encounter an enemy, and your primary weapon lacks the optimal range for the engagement? The solution lies in acquiring a secondary primary weapon.

Equipping two primary weapons in MW3 is a straightforward process, simply equip the Gunner’s Vest, accessible at level 20 in your loadout. Alternatively, you can opt for the Overkill vest, unlocked at level 50.

Steps to Equip the Gunner/Overkill Vest in MW3

Gunner’s Vest (Unlocked at Level 20): To equip the Gunner’s Vest, follow these simple steps:

  • Access the multiplayer mode and navigate to the weapons section.
  • Choose the loadout you want to modify and enter the edit mode.
  • In the loadout editor, locate the top row, which mentions “Infantry Vest.” Click on it.
  • A list of available vests will appear. Although the Gunner’s Vest doesn’t explicitly state its dual-wielding capabilities, equipping it allows you to automatically place a second primary weapon in your secondary weapon slot.

Beyond the advantage of equipping two primary weapons, the Gunner Vest grants additional benefits, such as deploying with maximum ammo and improving reload speed. If you have Mag Holster equipped, you also gain the benefits of Mission Comlink. This feature reduces the kills needed to attain killstreaks by one, essentially combining the effects of Overkill, Sleight of Hand, and Hardline. The Overkill vest, unlockable at level 50, also grants the option to carry two primary weapons. The vest section conveniently sits above the loadout, streamlining the process.

In the midst of battle, a lone firearm may fall short. To wield two primary weapons in Modern Warfare 3, understanding the workings of vests is important. Vests not only dictate battlefield equipment but also offer perks enhancing gameplay. Opting for a vest allows you to swap a secondary for another primary, enabling dual-wielding of potent firearms.

Having two primary weapons in Modern Warfare 3 not only adds a layer of versatility to your gameplay but also enhances your overall combat effectiveness. Whether opting for the Gunner or Overkill vest, these strategic choices allow you to navigate the battlefield with an arsenal tailored to overcome various challenges. No matter the choice of your vests, the ability to handle diverse combat scenarios effectively is now at your fingertips.