How to Hide Your Following List on Instagram Without a Private Account

With the help of the well-known social media site Instagram, users may communicate with friends, family, and individuals worldwide. There may be occasions when you wish to preserve some privacy, as when you want to hide your following list, even though many users opt to keep their profiles public in order to share their material with a larger audience. Thankfully, it is possible to achieve this without making your account private. We’ll walk you through the steps in this post to hide your Instagram follower list while keeping your account public.


Why Would You Hide This List?

Let’s first discuss why you would wish to hide your Instagram following list before we get into the methods. Privacy is a primary motivator. The accounts you follow can include friends, relatives, celebrities, and hobbies you’d prefer to keep private, all of which you might not want others to see.

Organise Your Next List

Sort through your following list first. If you want to stop seeing or interacting with an account, unfollow it. By taking this step, you can manage your following list more easily and with fewer accounts.

Choose “Creator” or “Business” from your account

To access additional privacy options on Instagram, switch to a Business or Creator account. As a result, you will be able to hide your activity status and gain access to insights and contact information.

Keep Your Activity Level Secret

One way to increase your privacy on Instagram is to hide your activity status. You can prevent people from finding out when you last used the website by doing this. To get to this, go to your profile, select “Settings” from the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Go to “Privacy” and make sure “Activity Status” is disabled.

Handle Your List of Followers

By requesting permission from new followers on your account, you may manage who follows you. This allows you to control who can access your material. Open ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Privacy,’ and then turn on ‘Private Account.’ Once your account is private, you can choose to accept or reject follow requests.

Use lists of close friends

You can make a Close Friends list if you would still like to share some content with a private group of friends but keep your following list private. Only the followers on your Close Friends list will be able to view the stuff you publish. You have the option to add or remove followers from this list.

Hide Particular Fans

You can exclude certain Instagram users from your follower list without blocking them. Proceed to the follower’s profile, click the three dots located in the upper right corner, and choose between ‘Remove’ and ‘Restrict.’ You can take somebody off your list of followers with this step without blocking them.

Check Your Privacy Preferences Frequently

Make sure your Instagram privacy settings reflect your current choices by periodically reviewing them. You might need to make changes as the platform develops and introduces new features in order to preserve the privacy you’ve chosen.


In conclusion, you can use a variety of privacy settings and practises to hide your Instagram following list without making your account private. You may gain from Instagram while keeping your preferred amount of privacy by organising your following list, converting to a Business or Creator account, and utilising privacy features like Close Friends and follower control. To make sure your privacy settings reflect your changing choices, don’t forget to periodically examine and update them.