How To Beat Bruin, Blade of the King in Remnant 2 A guide on Beating Bruin, Blade of the King in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is full of adventures, especially in the new Losomn region added by the first DLC. In this exciting area, players encounter Bruin, also known as the Blade of the King, a tough boss guarding a powerful mod. Overcoming Bruin can be challenging, especially on the tricky Apocalypse difficulty. But fear not, because with a bit of strategy and persistence, players can bring down this formidable foe and reap the rewards.

Credits – SHiNWiN

Understanding Bruin’s Moves

Bruin is a melee boss, but he’s not afraid to switch things up by going into a long-ranged siege mode. When facing him in melee, the key is to create space and take advantage of his slow recovery times. Keep an eye out for his charging stab attack at the beginning of the fight. It may take a moment, but when he releases it, dodging is crucial. Missing the dodge can lead to an instant defeat. Hit him hard during this time, and be ready to dodge the two follow-up melee attacks that always follow.

Most of Bruin’s attacks are melee, so players can bait him by approaching and dodging forward. This maneuver puts players behind Bruin, allowing them to shoot him as he misses his combos. It’s like a game of dodgeball, but with deadly spears.

Surviving Bruin’s Aggression

Healing during this intense fight can be tricky because Bruin is extremely aggressive. He sticks to the player, leaving little room to use the Relic for healing. The statues in the arena won’t provide much help either, as Bruin can break them with his powerful attacks. The ideal time to heal is when he’s locked in an animation or when he’s retreating to one of the platforms in the arena.

When Bruin jumps away, a few Fae Archers appear, and he starts throwing spears. Players should swiftly deal with the archers or use them to their advantage by letting Bruin hit them with friendly fire. Dodging becomes crucial during this phase, especially when Bruin switches between throwing spears quickly or launching salvos that explode after a short time. Keep running, and when the spears explode, be ready to dodge.

Seizing Opportunities:

After the ranged assault, Bruin drops down, returning to melee combat. Now is the time for players to focus on dodging and dealing as much damage as possible during Bruin’s vulnerable moments. Take advantage of the brief windows when the boss is whiffing or recovering. Repeat this process until Bruin is defeated.

As a reward for conquering Bruin, players earn the coveted Wretched Skull item. This item is the key to unlocking the Ring of Spears mod. Once activated, the mod creates spears that orbit the player, causing damage to anything they touch. These versatile spears can be launched and recalled, exploding upon return to the player’s orbit, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.