How To Beat Cynthia, The Drowned Lady in Alan Wake 2 A guide on Beating Cynthia, The Drowned Lady in Alan Wake 2

The conclusion of Return, Chapter 5 in Alan Wake 2 takes Saga on a mission to rescue her grandfather, Tor, from the clutches of the malevolent witch, Cynthia. This formidable adversary dwells within the Overlap, a waterlogged, labyrinthine domain. To conquer this daunting challenge, here’s a guide to help you navigate and conquer Chapter 5 of the story, Return in Alan Wake 2.

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Initial Stage

As you catch up with Tor in the Overlap, Saga will lead you into a large circular room where the lights will ominously flicker and Tor will mysteriously vanish. In the room’s center, you’ll spot a terminal that can restore the lights, but to activate it, you must first find the generator to power up the area.

At this stage, Cynthia is impervious to damage, so your primary focus should be on reaching the generator in the rear corridor rather than engaging her. However, if you find yourself cornered by Cynthia, you can momentarily repel her with substantial firepower from your shotgun, a flare, or an explosive canister.

As you depart from the power console and wade into the water, Cynthia will sense your presence. If Saga lingers in the water for too long, the Drowned Lady will close in and attempt to drag Saga underwater, resulting in an inevitable instant death. To counter this threat, make use of the scattered rocks and metal platforms throughout the area to keep Saga out of the water and out of Cynthia’s reach. Starting from the central terminal, proceed to the rear of the room, away from Cynthia’s initial spawn point, and search for a passage leading into the rear corridor.

Navigate the back corridor while alternating between rocks and metal platforms to evade the water and escape Cynthia’s pursuit. Along the back wall, you’ll occasionally stumble upon a staircase that leads to a storage room containing valuable supplies such as ammo and healing items. Be sure to scour these areas to stock up for the impending showdown. At the far end of the corridor, you’ll encounter a chain-link fence with a damaged section. Squeeze through this gap to reach the generator. Activate the generator, restore power, and return to the main power console to press the button, concluding the first stage. If you’re in a hurry, you can take a shortcut from the tall platform across the hole in the fence, leading back to the main room with the power button.

Defeating Cynthia

With the power restored and the lights back on, you can proceed down the next staircase and confront Cynthia for the final showdown. Descend the stairs and follow the room’s layout, but as Saga nears the underside of the stairs, the lights will extinguish, and the room transforms, heralding Cynthia’s emergence from the water. Seize this initial moment to launch a flare at Cynthia, stunning her and revealing her Source. Once she regains her composure and moves to attack, maneuver around the room to interpose obstacles between Saga and Cynthia, as Cynthia can project dark projectiles inflicting substantial damage and knocking Saga to the ground. Leverage the environment and Saga’s dodging ability to avoid these menacing attacks.

After exposing Cynthia’s Source, wield the crossbow and unleash as many bolts as possible directly into her Source. Utilize the flashlight charge attack to momentarily stun Cynthia, causing her to shield herself from the light, thus granting you the opportunity to target her Source. Upgrading the crossbow with the ability to fire two bolts before reloading is a significant advantage in this boss battle.

Once Cynthia incurs sufficient damage, she enters a frenzied state, darting around and slashing at Saga. If possible, land a few more crossbow shots, then when Cynthia closes in, switch to the shotgun and unleash a barrage of fire. By the time Cynthia reaches her frenzied phase, her health is already diminished, but if you struggle to hit her with the crossbow at this point, employ the shotgun to deliver a few additional shots and bring her down.

After vanquishing Cynthia, make haste to her lifeless form and collect any available crossbow bolts. You’ll have a brief window to gather items in the vicinity before the chapter concludes, triggering a cutscene that transports you out of the Overlap.