How to Cancel Shopify Subscription

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that gives companies the ability to design and run their online stores. There may be instances, nevertheless, in which you must terminate your Shopify membership. Ceasing your membership can be a simple process, regardless of whether you’re switching to a new platform or temporarily closing your business. We’ll walk you through the process of cancelling your Shopify subscription in this tutorial.

Step 1: Open your Shopify Account, and Log In

Logging into your account is the first step in cancelling your Shopify subscription. Go to the Shopify login page and provide your password and email address. You will be able to access your Shopify dashboard after logging in.

Step 2: Go to Your Shopify Administration

By selecting the “Settings” menu item in the dashboard’s lower-left corner, you can access your Shopify admin. This will cause a menu to slide down, from which you can choose “Billing.” You can access the Billing page by clicking the “Billing” button.

Step 3: Examine the Details of Your Subscription

You can see details about your current subscription, such as the plan you’re on and the next due date, on the due page. Make sure you are cancelling the correct subscription by taking a moment to go over this information. Make sure you’re cancelling the subscription you intend to cancel if you have several subscriptions.

Step 4: End Your Subscription

After verifying the information, locate the “Cancel Subscription” button by swiping down. Usually, Shopify asks you to give a reason for your cancellation. From the dropdown menu, select the rationale that most closely matches your circumstances. Shopify might provide alternatives or incentives to rethink once you select a reason, so make sure to go over these before moving further.

Step 5: Verify the Cancellation

Shopify will ask you to confirm your decision to cancel the membership after you’ve chosen a reason. You will no longer be able to use some features and services if you cancel your subscription, so please make sure this is the right course of action before proceeding.

Step 6: Take Any Further Actions

Depending on your account and the particulars, Shopify can ask for more details or actions to finish the cancellation process. To complete the cancellation, adhere to Shopify’s prompts and instructions.

Step 7: Email Confirmation

Following a successful cancellation of your Shopify subscription, Shopify should send you a confirmation email. The cancellation information will be outlined in this email, along with the cancellation date and any other information you might require.


In summary, terminating your Shopify subscription is a simple procedure that can be completed via your Shopify admin. You may guarantee a seamless cancelling process by adhering to these detailed steps. Keep in mind to carefully read the cancellation specifics and be informed of any potential repercussions or substitutes that Shopify might provide. You may always start over with a fresh membership and continue developing your online business if you ever decide to go back to Shopify in the future.