How to Use Free AI Copilot from Microsoft

Recent years have seen incredible progress in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) within the technology industry. One of the biggest names in IT, Microsoft, unveiled the AI Copilot, a revolutionary technology that promises to transform software development. This free AI-powered application is intended to help developers by producing code snippets, offering real-time code suggestions, and streamlining the coding process. We’ll look at how to use Microsoft’s Free AI Copilot efficiently in this article.

Knowledge about Microsoft AI Copilot

Understanding the underlying idea of this cutting-edge tool is essential before delving into the practical applications of the AI Copilot. The AI Copilot is a clever developer companion that is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. It comprehends programming languages, context, and project needs, which makes it an invaluable and adaptable tool for programmers.

Use Edge’s Access Copilot

On a laptop or mobile device, you can use it for free:

  • Windows → open Edge, the default installation
  • Install Microsoft Edge for ARM and Intel on macOS
  • Install Microsoft Edge via Google Play on an Android device or the App Store on an iOS device.

Next, click the Copilot icon in the bottom centre of a mobile device and top right of a laptop to start it. You may even choose the best mode for you.

Make unrestricted use of GPT-4

The basis for Edge Copilot is Bing Chat.

If you choose the “Creative” mode, GPT-4 is available to you for free. Next, type in your prompt, and Copilot will respond by combining information from GPT-4 and the Internet.

Advice: Before responding, you might instruct Copilot to carry out a particular search.

For instance: “Search the internet for the latest announcements made by OpenAI and summarise them in short, easy-to-understand bullet points”.

Explain and Summarise Web Pages

A lengthy webpage can be condensed by Copilot into a few sentences. It’s also the most effective approach to clarify words or ideas that you don’t grasp.

  • Navigate to the desired webpage.
  • Select the Copilot symbol.
  • Type your prompt, being sure to mention the page you are now on.


“Summarise this web page in 5 short bullet points, then explain the technical terms in simple words”.

Note: The webpage can also be used to create new material.

To “Write a new blog post introduction that summarises this information,” for instance, give Copilot this task.

Use Dall-E 3 to Create Pictures

Utilise “Create an image:” as the first prompt to utilise Dall-E 3 at no cost. Example of a prompt: Construct an image of a future cityscape at dusk.

The recently generated image can also be altered. “Add a plane to the sky” is an example. You can choose to share your image straight from the chat window or save it for later.

Use the Prompts for However Long You’d Like

You may utilise Copilot within PDFs and open them with Edge as well. This can be used to provide AI with dozens of pages of context.

In summary

One useful tool that can greatly improve your coding experience is Microsoft AI Copilot. You may learn from this AI assistance, create code more quickly, and optimise your development process by integrating it into Visual Studio Code and mastering its application. With Microsoft’s AI Copilot, you can embrace the future of software development and achieve new heights of productivity and creativity in your coding endeavours.