Zepto secures additional $31 million in extended funding round

Quick-commerce unicorn Zepto has successfully secured an additional $31 million in an extended funding round, according to regulatory filings. This fresh influx of capital comes as an extension of the $200 million funding round that the Mumbai-based company received in August. Zepto’s latest funding brings its total investments to nearly $600 million, maintaining its valuation at $1.4 billion.

Zepto was valued at $1.4 billion in August and became the only unicorn to be minted from India in 2023


Steady Growth Amidst Intense Competition

In the increasingly competitive world of quick-commerce, Zepto has been making significant strides in a relatively short period. Quick-commerce refers to the rapid delivery of daily essentials and groceries to customers, often within minutes. The demand for such services surged during the global pandemic, leading to an intense battle among companies to provide the quickest and most efficient service.

Investors Who Believe in Zepto

Zepto’s success and appeal have not gone unnoticed by investors. In the recent funding round, existing investors, such as Goodwater Capital and Nexus Venture Partners, reaffirmed their confidence in the company. This is a testament to the company’s performance and its potential to further disrupt the Indian quick-commerce market.

Additionally, new investors like Mangum II LLC and prominent angel investors, including Oliver and Lish Jung, joined the funding round. Their participation highlights the growing interest in quick-commerce as an investment opportunity.

Steady Valuation Despite Rapid Funding

Despite the sizable influx of capital, Zepto’s valuation remains unchanged at $1.4 billion. This indicates a stable level of investor confidence and a belief in the company’s ability to effectively utilize the funds to expand its operations and continue competing in the quick-commerce space.

The Journey to $600 Million

Zepto’s journey to amassing close to $600 million in funding is noteworthy. The August funding round contributed a significant portion to this achievement, with $105 million coming from new investors StepStone Group and Goodwater Capital. This marked StepStone Group’s first direct investment in India, underlining the growing attractiveness of the Indian quick-commerce market. Goodwater Capital, which has previously invested in Indian startups like Pocket FM, Teachmint, and Yellowclass, also recognized Zepto’s potential.

Existing investors, including Nexus Venture Partners, Glade Brook Capital, and Lachy Groom, contributed the remaining $95 million in the August round. This continued support from established investors highlights Zepto’s track record and its ability to retain investor trust.

Zepto’s Expansion and Expense Challenges

In a bid to gain an edge in the quick-commerce market, Zepto opened approximately 100 new stores during the fiscal year. These new store openings, while strategically significant, also proved to be expensive. Zepto’s total expenses skyrocketed from Rs 533 crore in FY22 to an astonishing Rs 3,350 crore during FY23, as revealed by regulatory filings.

Widening Losses

Zepto’s losses increased threefold as a result of its rapid expansion. The company reported losing Rs 390 crore in FY22, but losses shot up to Rs 1,272 crore in FY23. Zepto appears to be spending a substantial amount of money to create its brand and compete with other quick-commerce companies, based on the sharp increase in expenditures and losses.

Future Prospects and Market Dynamics

Zepto’s ongoing fundraising initiatives demonstrate its dedication to securing a strong place in the quick-commerce industry. In spite of the significant costs and losses, the business seems committed to moving forward and growing. In a market where ease and quickness are critical, Zepto’s strategy fits with customers’ changing tastes.

In recent years, quick-commerce has experienced significant growth in India, with multiple businesses competing for a larger portion of the market. Zepto is up against fierce competition from Zomato’s Zomato Instant, Swiggy Instamart, and Dunzo. Zepto will be able to improve its operations, make technological investments, and maybe enter new markets thanks to the increased capital.


Zepto has demonstrated its capacity to draw and hold onto investor backing in the cutthroat quick-commerce industry with its most recent investment round, which brought it an extra $31 million. The company is still valued at $1.4 billion even if its expansion ambitions have resulted in high costs and growing losses.

Zepto’s exceptional feat of raising $600 million in finance is indicative of the growing demand for quick-commerce services in India. Despite upcoming obstacles like fierce rivalry and cost control, Zepto is well-positioned for sustained growth in the quick-commerce industry thanks to its investors’ backing and its unwavering attitude. With this extra capital, Zepto will have the financial resources needed to overcome these obstacles and solidify its position as a key player in the Indian quick-commerce market.