Infosys will not be hiring students from colleges this year

Infosys, a major participant in the IT sector, has made the unexpected announcement that it won’t be hiring new talent from college campuses this year. This choice was made in response to a current glut of recent graduates and changing market circumstances. Salil Parekh, the CEO and MD of Infosys, underlined the need of addressing inefficiencies inside the organization’s staff pyramid. This article examines the rationale behind Infosys’ choice, its possible effects on the organization and recent graduates, as well as the broader context of shifting employment patterns in the technology sector.


Credits: India Today

The Infosys Decision: Key Points

Infosys’ choice to abstain from campus hiring this year is influenced by several critical factors:

Abundant Freshers and Reduced Demand: Infosys acknowledges having a “significant fresher bench,” implying a surplus of recent graduates awaiting training. At the same time, the company notes a decrease in demand, particularly in key markets like the United States. This scenario necessitates a reassessment of hiring strategies.

Utilization Optimization: CFO Nilanjan Roy pointed out that many freshers are currently undergoing training in Gen AI, which is a strategic investment in their skill development. Infosys has no immediate plans to hire more freshers, as they aim to enhance utilization, targeting 84-85 percent efficiency. This means focusing on maximizing the potential of the existing workforce.

Honoring Past Offers: Infosys has pledged to honor all offers that have already been made to candidates. It remains committed to hiring new employees as projects require, indicating a project-based approach to recruitment rather than routine campus drives.

Ongoing Monitoring: While the decision is clear for the present year, the company plans to monitor the situation every quarter, suggesting a flexible approach that could adapt to evolving market conditions.

Implications of Infosys’ Move

The decision by Infosys to temporarily halt campus hiring has several significant implications, both for the company and the larger tech industry.

Efficiency Enhancement: Infosys is taking a strategic step to address inefficiencies within its workforce, which is crucial for staying competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. By optimizing utilization, the company aims to streamline its operations and improve productivity.

Cost Management: In light of recent trends, many IT giants, including Infosys, have realized the importance of cost-cutting. This decision aligns with a broader industry effort to manage expenses effectively and maintain profitability.

Market Realignment: The fact that Infosys mentions a decline in demand in key markets, such as the US, suggests a larger trend in the industry. Companies are adapting to changing market dynamics by adopting a more conservative hiring strategy, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Impact on Fresh Graduates: This decision may affect fresh graduates aspiring to join the IT workforce. With Infosys temporarily reducing campus hiring, there might be increased competition for positions at other tech firms. This reinforces the importance of having a diversified job search strategy that includes not only top-tier companies but also smaller players and startups.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development: By investing in Gen AI training for their existing fresher workforce, Infosys underscores the importance of continuous learning and skill development. This move will equip their employees with the latest technological knowledge, making them more competitive in the industry.

Industry Trend Setter: Infosys, being a prominent IT company, often sets trends that other organizations in the sector follow. This decision could influence the campus hiring policies of other tech giants. If more companies adopt a similar stance, it could have long-term ramifications for the job market.

A Closer Look at Infosys and the IT Industry

A major player in the IT sector is Infosys, a leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. The organization, which was established in 1981 and has its global headquarters in Bengaluru, India, employs a sizable workforce. A significant player in the IT services industry, Infosys provides a wide range of services, including infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, consulting, and application development.

Significant ups and downs have recently occurred in the IT sector. The industry experienced significant employment activity in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, as businesses rushed to embrace remote work and digital innovation.


The decision by Infosys to forgo campus hiring this year is a reflection of the changing dynamics in the IT sector. The company is deciding to concentrate on maximizing its current employees because there are too many new graduates and there is less demand in important markets. While this change may provide difficulties for young graduates looking for work, it highlights the value of lifelong learning and flexibility in the tech industry.

Originally posted 2023-10-13 17:13:25.