Jio Cinema Ventures Into Kids Entertainment, Partners Pokemon For Shows & Movies

A significant step forward for the kids’ entertainment scene in India has been made by Jio Cinema, Reliance’s entertainment division, partnering with The Pokemon Company in Japan to offer a vast library of kid-friendly television series and films on its platform. With Jio Cinema becoming as the preferred channel for Pokemon fans nationwide, the exclusive streaming agreement has the potential to completely transform how Indian families access and enjoy media.

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Jio Cinema Ventures Into Kids Entertainment, Partners Pokemon For Shows & Movies

The Landmark Deal: Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Pokemon Content


In a strategic move to dominate the kids’ entertainment space, Jio Cinema has secured an exclusive deal with The Pokemon Company. While the financial intricacies of the agreement remain undisclosed, the implications are vast. Jio Cinema is set to become the sole streaming partner for Pokemon in India, presenting over 1,000 episodes and 21 movies of the beloved Japanese anime series. The content rollout will commence with season 12, debuting a new season every Thursday.

Diverse Content Offerings: A Global Collaborative Approach

Jio Cinema’s foray into children’s content goes beyond Pokemon, with partnerships extending to leading local and global studios, including Cartoon Network Studios, Dreamworks, EOne, The Pokemon Company, and Animaccord. This collaboration ensures a constant influx of fresh content, with Jio Cinema committing to weekly updates. The platform also stands out by catering to a multilingual audience, offering kids’ content in five different languages.

Jio Cinema’s Competitive Edge: A Global and Local Content Mix

This partnership is a result of Jio Cinema’s calculated actions in the international content market. The platform just obtained the streaming rights to HBO, Max Original, and Warner Bros. content through an exclusive partnership with the studio. Furthermore, Jio Cinema has entered the highly competitive sports streaming market by obtaining the Indian Premier League’s digital rights (IPL). Notably, during the most recent IPL final, it broke the global record with 32 million concurrent views and outperformed its rival Disney in terms of revenue generating.

Disney+Hotstar’s Challenge: A Formidable Competitor Emerges

While Jio Cinema has been making strides, it faces tough competition from Disney+Hotstar, which recently garnered 5.3 crore live views during the first semi-final match between India and New Zealand in the ongoing cricket world cup. The competition highlights the dynamic nature of the OTT landscape, with platforms vying for user attention through live sports streaming.

Exploring New Horizons: Jio Cinema’s Content Innovations

Jio Cinema has been proactive in diversifying its content offerings. In August, it ventured into the esports arena by partnering with Krafton India to livestream the official Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS). To capture a broader audience, all BGIS matches will be dubbed in Hindi and English. This move not only taps into the booming esports market but also caters to the linguistic diversity of the Indian audience.

Regional Expansion: Bridging the Language Gap

In addition to acquiring streaming rights for international content, Jio Cinema is eyeing the regional market. The platform recently collaborated with the Bengali OTT platform hoichoi to stream Hindi dubbed versions of its content. This initiative reflects the industry’s recognition of the diverse linguistic preferences in India and aims to make content accessible to a wider audience.

Possible Impact: Shaping the Future of Kids’ Entertainment

The exclusive partnership between Jio Cinema and The Pokemon Company is poised to have a transformative impact on the kids’ entertainment landscape in India. By securing the rights to a globally cherished brand like Pokemon, Jio Cinema not only strengthens its position in the OTT market but also solidifies its appeal to a family-centric audience. The move aligns with Jio Cinema’s broader strategy of offering a diverse and engaging content portfolio that caters to various age groups.

The partnership is probably going to spur Jio Cinema’s subscription development by drawing in families looking for kid-friendly and wholesome programming. With its collaborations with major studios, the platform keeps adding to its library of material, ushering in a new era of digital entertainment where accessibility and variety are crucial differentiators.

To sum up, the partnership between Jio Cinema and Pokemon represents a noteworthy turning point in the Indian entertainment industry. It is a prime example of how OTT platforms are changing their tactics to get unique content and meet the needs of a wide range of audience preferences. Jio Cinema is in a good position to influence the direction of digital entertainment in India as long as it keeps forming alliances and experimenting with content distribution.