Toyota’s Electrifying Lineup at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show: A Glimpse into the Future of EVs

The stage is set for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, and Toyota is ready to showcase an impressive array of electric vehicles, including an all-electric Land Cruiser SUV concept. As the automotive world shifts towards electrification, this concept promises to be more than just a contender; it might just reshape the landscape of three-row electric SUVs.

Sleek and Purposeful Design

The Land Cruiser “Se” immediately catches the eye with its angular, boat-like design. Featuring an elongated hood, a gracefully swooping windshield, and a rear end adorned with a visor taillight design, it exudes a contemporary aesthetic. As a seven-seater concept, it doesn’t just rely on looks. This vehicle boasts substantial dimensions, with a 120.08-inch wheelbase, 202.76-inch length, 78.35-inch width, and a height of 67.13 inches. What’s interesting is that it’s broader and shorter than the traditional gas-powered 2024 Land Cruiser, which has a wheelbase of about 112 inches.

The extra space between the Land Cruiser “Se’s” wheels hints at a battery, highlighting the vehicle’s electric identity. The overall design is carefully sculpted for optimal aerodynamics, even featuring digital side view mirror cameras. Toyota’s emphasis on the quietness of electric vehicles fostering a comfortable cabin space in urban areas reflects their dedication to providing a superior driving experience.

Notably, Toyota has designed the Land Cruiser “Se” to handle rough terrains. This is reassuring news for enthusiasts of the classic gas-powered Land Cruiser, even though the concept’s exterior resembles a sleek, unassuming Uber XL. It signifies that Toyota is committed to maintaining the vehicle’s off-road capabilities while ushering in a new era of electric mobility.

A Dive into Toyota’s EV World

Apart from the Land Cruiser “Se,” Toyota is unveiling the “EPU,” a concept midsize electric pickup truck tailor-made for outdoor activities. What sets this truck apart is its cabin that can open to the deck. With a length of 199.61 inches and a width of 75.2 inches, the design leans towards a more compact form compared to Rivian’s R1T recreational pickup.

The Toyota lineup doesn’t stop there. At the show, the company is presenting two personal transport vehicles, including the “Land Hopper,” a foldable electric trike equipped with leaning front wheels for easy maneuvering. Additionally, they’re showcasing the “Juu,” a powered wheelchair capable of navigating stairs. For those with a more extraterrestrial mindset, Toyota has also unveiled a Space mobility prototype designed for traversing rocky celestial bodies. This two-seater space ATV technology will find its way into Toyota’s future Lunar Cruiser vehicle.

Fostering Love for Cars with Neo Steer Cockpit Concept

Toyota introduces the “Neo Steer” cockpit concept, aiming to foster a greater love for cars and deliver the joy and excitement of mobility. Inspired by motorcycle controls, this innovative concept allows drivers to control acceleration and braking with levers, akin to accessibility modifications for conventional vehicles. Toyota’s commitment to making EVs more captivating is evident, as they previously prototyped fake manual transmissions, showcasing their dedication to creating engaging electric experiences.

The Rising Star: Toyota’s Electric Land Cruiser

As Toyota’s first realistic foray into the realm of large electric family haulers, the Land Cruiser “Se” stands as a beacon of innovation. Its introduction is perfectly timed, as other automakers rush to fill this burgeoning segment. In the spotlight, Hyundai’s EV9 three-row electric vehicle, nearing delivery, has garnered significant attention. Toyota’s challenge is clear: to create an electric Land Cruiser that sets a high bar, leaving no room for subpar EVs in this competitive landscape.


The 2023 Japan Mobility Show sets the stage for an electrifying future. With Toyota’s diverse lineup of electric vehicles, including the Land Cruiser “Se,” there’s no doubt that the automotive landscape is evolving towards a more sustainable and thrilling future. This showcase is not just about unveiling concepts; it’s a glimpse into the potential of electric vehicles to redefine our driving experiences. As the world embraces EVs, Toyota’s offerings exemplify the future of mobility.

Originally posted 2023-10-24 18:55:20.