Elon Musk’s X launches 2 subscription tiers, with prices starting from Rs 244

A daring step has been taken by X, formerly known as Twitter, to diversify its revenue streams beyond advertising: the introduction of two premium subscription levels. On October 28, the corporation disclosed this strategic change in an effort to increase subscription income. Together with offering a number of improved services, the two new tiers, Premium+ and Basic, also accommodate consumers with varying spending tastes. In this article, we will examine the salient features of this evolution and examine the possible ramifications for the organization and its users.

Elon Musk

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The Premium+ Experience

Under the Premium+ tier, X offers its users a premium experience that comes at a monthly cost of Rs 1,300. One of the primary perks of this tier is the elimination of ads, providing a clean and uninterrupted browsing experience. This premium tier caters to users who value a distraction-free social media experience.

In addition to ad-free browsing, Premium+ subscribers enjoy a “largest boost” for their replies, setting them apart from other premium subscribers and unverified users. This feature is likely to enhance user engagement and interaction, making conversations on the platform more dynamic.

Moreover, X is granting Premium+ subscribers access to a suite of creator tools, including revenue sharing, creator subscriptions, X Pro (formerly known as Tweetdeck), media studio, and analytics. This move is likely to encourage content creators and influencers to explore and monetize their presence on the platform further.

Basic Tier: A More Affordable Option

For those looking for a more affordable premium experience, X has launched the Basic tier, which costs Rs 243.75 a month. Access to several premium features, including the capacity to edit posts, create longer posts, upload videos, send encrypted direct messages, and access additional app customization choices, are available at this tier. It might not have as many features as Premium+, but it still offers a good compromise for those who want to improve their X experience without going over budget.

Additionally, users of the Basic tier get a “small reply boost,” which makes sure that their interactions on the platform stay pertinent and interesting. It is anticipated that this innovation will encourage user interaction and a sense of community.

Impact on X and Its Users

The introduction of these premium tiers has significant implications for both X and its user base. Let’s delve into the potential impact:

Diversifying Revenue Streams: X’s move to expand its subscription offerings is a strategic effort to diversify its income streams. As advertising revenue took a hit in the past year, this shift aims to reduce the company’s dependence on ads and provide a more stable financial foundation.

Enhanced User Experience: Premium+ subscribers can enjoy an ad-free and feature-rich experience, while Basic tier users also benefit from enhanced features at a more affordable price. This diversification of subscription options ensures that X caters to a broader range of users, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Empowering Content Creators: The inclusion of creator tools, such as revenue sharing and creator subscriptions, in the Premium+ tier encourages content creators to utilize the platform for monetization. This could attract more influencers and content producers to X, potentially increasing the quality and diversity of content on the platform.

Avoiding App Store Commissions: X’s decision to make Premium+ and Basic tiers available exclusively on its website may be an attempt to circumvent the high in-app commissions charged by platforms like Apple and Google. This strategy allows X to retain more of the subscription revenue for itself.

Elon Musk’s Push for Monetization: Elon Musk, the chief of X, has been actively pushing for the platform’s monetization. The introduction of premium tiers, along with other paid features like verification, marks Musk’s efforts to transform X into a more financially sustainable platform.


The launch of the Premium+ and Basic subscription tiers by X is indicative of the company’s changing approach to diversify its sources of income and lessen its need on advertising. For consumers looking for a complete X experience, the Premium+ tier provides an ad-free, premium experience with improved engagement features and access to creator tools. In the meanwhile, the Basic tier offers a cost-effective choice with useful premium features.

Originally posted 2023-10-28 13:13:24.