Gurgaon company offers 1-day leave to employees to recover from India’s World Cup heartbreak

India’s devastating loss in the ODI World Cup final on November 19, 2023, devastated the country as a whole. One Gurgaon-based company, Marketing Moves and Marketing Moves Agency, made news by providing its staff with an unusual treatment — a one-day leave to recoup from the emotional toll of the cricket defeat – just as the social media craze named the following Monday as the ‘Mondayest Monday’ ever.

A Gurgaon company has granted a day's leave to let employees recover from India's World Cup loss.

Credits: Money Control

A National Disappointment:

Diksha Gupta, a key player in the agency’s major World Cup campaigns, took to LinkedIn to share the news, reflecting on the shared heartbreak of 1.4 billion people as Team India fell short of lifting the coveted World Cup Trophy. The unexpected loss left many fans sulking, and the sentiment was mirrored in workplaces across the country.

Unwavering Energy Amid World Cup Challenges:

Gupta conveyed the team’s boundless vitality despite the demanding nature of their work during the World Cup, where multiple projects and endless meetings characterized their routine. “The World Cup makes 20+ projects, 25+ days, and 90+ meetings seem simple. All I can say is that this was the World Cup Cricket Fever, but I’m not sure where this energy came from,” she added. The team’s whole focus on the World Cup campaigns made the loss more difficult to accept.

A Surprising Gesture of Support:

In an unexpected twist, a message from her boss, Chirag Alawadhi, and an email rallied by the HR brought the news of a one-day leave as a gesture of understanding and support in the face of the national disappointment the day after the loss. The move aimed to give employees an opportunity to recover from the emotional blow, regain mental stability, and return to work with renewed energy and spirit.

The Email and WhatsApp Message:

Two photos shared by Gupta on LinkedIn displayed the announcement of the day off – one message from the boss on WhatsApp and the email from HR. The surprise element of this gesture resonated throughout the company, with employees finding it hard to believe until the official communication arrived. This move demonstrated a proactive response from the company’s leadership to address the emotional well-being of their team.

HR’s Emphasis on Employee Well-Being:

Riya Ahuja, the HR professional who shared the news with the employees, emphasized the company’s commitment to prioritizing employee well-being. She tagged Gupta’s post on LinkedIn, noting that the initiative not only promotes productivity but also fosters a value-driven culture, ensuring a motivated and resilient workforce. By acknowledging the emotional toll of the defeat and providing a day off, Marketing Moves Agency demonstrated a commitment to its employees beyond their professional contributions.

Company Culture and Employee Motivation:

This move by Marketing Moves Agency goes beyond the conventional norms of corporate responses to national events. It underscores the importance of a company culture that values the well-being of its employees. Such initiatives not only boost morale but also contribute to a positive work environment. The decision to grant a one-day leave indicates a level of empathy and understanding rarely seen in corporate settings, where productivity often takes precedence over emotional well-being.

Possible Impact on Employee Engagement:

The impact of this move on employee engagement could be substantial. By acknowledging the emotional aftermath of the World Cup defeat, Marketing Moves Agency has shown its employees that their feelings and mental health matter. This, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty, job satisfaction, and a sense of belonging among the workforce. The one-day leave provides a tangible demonstration of the company’s support, fostering a positive relationship between the employer and the employees.


In the competitive and often demanding world of corporate culture, Marketing Moves Agency has set an example by prioritizing the emotional well-being of its employees in the wake of a national disappointment. The one-day leave not only provides a necessary respite for the team to recover but also sends a powerful message about the company’s values and its commitment to a motivated and resilient workforce. As discussions around employee well-being gain prominence in organizational strategies, Marketing Moves Agency’s unique response stands out as a beacon of empathy and understanding.