EU Gives Elon Musk 24 Hours to Address ‘Illegal Content and Disinformation’ on X/Twitter About Israel-Hamas War  EU Commissioner Gives Warning to Elon Musk with an ultimatum

In a significant development, European Union commissioner Thierry Breton has given a message of caution to tech mogul Elon Musk regarding what he calls “illegal content and disinformation” about the Israel-Hamas discord being spread on X, popularly known as Twitter. Breton has given Musk a tight One-day time limit to answer these concerns. This move marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over social media platforms’ responsibility to restrain the circulation of false information and illegal content.

Thierry Breton’s Letter to Musk

Thierry Breton’s concerns were articulated in a formal letter to Elon Musk, which he also made public on X. In the letter, Thierry Breton states, “Following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we have indications that your platform is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU.” He goes on to remind Musk of the Digital Services Act, which urges specific deeds about content moderation on platforms like X.

Prompt and Objective Content Moderation

Breton emphasized the necessity of prompt and objective content moderation. When platforms like X receive notices of illegal content within the European Union, they are anticipated to take swift, meticulous, and unbiased deeds to withdraw such content. Thierry Breton cited reports from eligible sources indicating that illegal content was still flowing on the platform, even after being flagged by relevant authorities.

This warning from the EU comes after reports that X had failed to flag “dozens” of posts about the Hamas attacks on Israel that were spreading false information. It also follows an incident where X eliminated headlines from articles posted on the platform, making it easier for stories to be shared with misleading titles.

In his letter, Thierry Breton raised the stakes, cautioning Musk that sanctions could be inflicted if X is found to be in non-compliance with the Digital Services Act. This serves as clear evidence that the EU is willing to take decisive action if necessary.

 Musk’s Response

In response to Thierry Breton’s public letter, Elon Musk defended X’s approach, stating, “Our policy is that everything is open source and transparent, an approach that I know the EU supports. Please list the violations you allude to on X so that the public can see them. Merci beaucoup.” Musk’s response suggests that he stands by X’s commitment to transparency but is also willing to address specific concerns.

EU Commissioner Joins X Rival Bluesky

In a surprising twist, Thierry Breton revealed on X that he had joined Bluesky, an emerging rival of X. In a post, he expressed, “Even though the grass is not (always) greener on the other side, the sky is sometimes… bluer. Let’s keep in touch!” Thierry Breton’s decision to join a competing platform underscores the ongoing competition among social media platforms and the significance of individual choices in the realm of social media.

The underway Israel-Hamas discord, which began when Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli civilians, has amplified the discussion around the part of social media in disseminating information and misinformation during times of crisis. The discord has resulted in a tragic loss of lives on both sides, with the death toll exceeding 1,600, as stated by to the Associated Press.

The EU’s warning to Elon Musk and the broader conversation about content moderation and accountability in the digital age illustrate the pivotal moment at which we find ourselves. As the world grapples with the consequences of information circulation on social media, discussions like these will continue to shape the future of online communication and responsibility.

The EU’s ultimatum to Elon Musk, the subsequent response, and the underway debate about the role of social media platforms during significant global affairs highlight the complexities of navigating the digital landscape in today’s world. As the deadline approaches, the tech community and the public eagerly await Musk’s response and the potential consequences for X in the wake of this critical development.

Originally posted 2023-10-11 14:16:41.