How To Get Little Caesars Skin in Modern Warfare 3 A guide on Getting Little Caesars Skin in Modern Warfare 3

In the world of Call of Duty, exciting collaborations with movie stars, comic book characters, and well-known brands often lead to the creation of unique operator skins that add a touch of silliness and impressiveness to the game. In their latest partnership, Call of Duty has teamed up with Little Caesars, the popular fast-food chain renowned for its delicious pizza. This collaboration brings the Little Caesars promotional campaign to Modern Warfare 3, allowing players to transform into a pizza man while navigating the battlefield. Despite its humorous appearance, the Little Caesars operator skin is quickly gaining popularity among Call of Duty fans. This article will guide you through the Little Caesars promotional campaign, explaining how to obtain the skin and other enticing rewards.

Credits – TheLoadout

What is The Little Caesars Promotional Campaign?

The Little Caesars promotional campaign in Modern Warfare 3 presents participating players with the opportunity to acquire the exclusive Little Caesars operator skin, alongside emblems and other alluring in-game rewards. This promotional campaign is set to run from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. However, players must be aware that all purchases related to this campaign must be completed by December 31, 2023.

The Little Caesars operator skin itself boasts a distinctive appearance. It features a striking combination of orange and black, adorned with “Hot-n-Ready” patches, boneless chicken wings attached to the belt, and even a pizza cutter prominently displayed on the vest.

How to Obtain the MW3 Little Caesars Operator Skin

To secure the Modern Warfare 3 pizza man skin, players need to make a qualifying purchase from Little Caesars. In the United States, a minimum purchase of $3 is required, while in Mexico, the threshold is set at MXN 35, and in Canada, it’s CAD 4.99. After making their purchase, players will receive a receipt that contains a unique promotional code, which is the key to unlocking the rewards. To proceed, players should access the official Little Caesars promotional website, where they will need to register and select the option “Enter Sweeps and/or Unlock Rewards.”

At this point, players will be prompted to upload their receipt or manually enter the promotional code they received. Once this step is completed, players will gain access to the Modern Warfare 3 in-game rewards and emblems. The final step involves logging into the game to access the unlocked rewards. It’s important to note that these bonuses are exclusively accessible on the MW3 account linked to the Little Caesars promotional website, making them non-transferable.

What’s Included in The Little Caesars MW3 Promo?

The Little Caesars MW3 promo packs a punch with a range of exciting rewards for players. Here’s what you can expect:

Initial Purchase: Upon making your first purchase, you will receive a Hot-N-Ready calling card, Dual 2XP weapon charm, and emblem. These in-game items are not only visually appealing but can also enhance your gameplay.

Second Purchase: The real gem of this promo awaits those who make a second purchase. Your reward will be the highly sought-after Little Caesars Operator Skin, allowing you to run into battle as the iconic pizza man.

In addition to these enticing rewards, players who enter their receipt code will have the chance to participate in sweepstakes offering additional prizes in the months following the official release of MW3. As part of this campaign, Little Caesars has also brought back their famous Stuffed Crazy Bread for only $3.49, ensuring that players have the perfect gaming snack to fuel their intense gaming sessions.

To participate, simply make a qualifying purchase from Little Caesars and follow the steps to redeem your rewards on the official promotional website. Whether you’re flaunting your Hot-N-Ready calling card, unlocking the coveted Little Caesars Operator Skin, or savoring the return of Stuffed Crazy Bread, this campaign is a must-visit for all Modern Warfare 3 players. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to spice up your gaming experience with the Little Caesars promotional campaign. Get ready to conquer the battlefield as the pizza man and enjoy the unique rewards that await you in MW3.