How To Milk Brahmin in Fallout 76 A guide on Milking Brahmin in Fallout 76

In the unforgiving wastelands of Fallout 76, survival is all about resourcefulness. And one of the essential resources in the game is Brahmin milk, a versatile item that can be a lifesaver in dire situations. In this guide, we will show you how to milk Brahmin and where to find these gentle creatures in the game. By the end of this article, you’ll be a Brahmin milk farming expert!

Credits – FalloutWiki

Brahmin milk is a valuable commodity in Fallout 76. It comes in a wooden bucket and can be consumed raw to ease hunger and thirst, while also providing a small boost to your health and radiation levels. Besides being a quick snack, Brahmin milk can also be used as an ingredient in various recipes to provide additional benefits.

Milk Harvesting Basics

Milk-harvesting Brahmin is a straightforward process. Each Brahmin can be milked once every 30 minutes, per server. To maximize your Brahmin milk collection, you can server hop and hope that no one else has already milked the Brahmin on that server. Now, let’s delve into some tips and tricks to boost your milk yields.

Farming Tips and Tricks

  1. Perk Cards, Magazines, and Backpack Mods: To increase your Brahmin milk yields, consider using perk cards, magazines, and backpack mods that enhance your foraging abilities. These bonuses can make a significant difference in the amount of milk you can collect.
  2. Meat Only: Keep in mind that Brahmin milk can be collected from meat-only Brahmin, so you won’t get any milk from other types.

Fixed Spawn Locations

To ensure you find Brahmin consistently, here are some fixed spawn locations:

Foundation (1 Brahmin): From the fast travel point, go straight until you see a cart filled with barrels on your right. Turn left, follow the path, and keep walking north off the cliff. At the corner of the fence and the monorail, turn right, and you’ll find the Brahmin.

Big Bend Tunnel East (3 Brahmin): These Brahmin are right in front of you when you fast travel to this location.

Pleasant Valley Station (3 Brahmin): From the fast travel point at Pleasant Valley Station, head southeast. Cross the road and reach the edge of the water, then face east. Continue walking east until you spot a second body of water on your right, and the Brahmin will be near the lake’s closest edge.

Anchor Farm (2 Brahmin): Look for them in their pen on the right-hand side of the house.

Wayward (3 Brahmin): Note that Bessie cannot be milked. Find them in their pen on the right-hand side of the Wayward Pub.

Flatwoods (7 Brahmin): Fast travel to Green Country Lodge, then head right towards the river. You’ll encounter three Brahmin just past the bridge. Keep running down the main road, and you’ll find more Brahmin in the vicinity. Beware that these Brahmin may be dead due to nearby ghouls.

Lewis & Son’s Farming Supply (1 Brahmin): From the fast travel point, turn right and find the greenhouse on your left. The Brahmin pen is on your right.

Big Bend Tunnel West (2 Brahmin): Walk straight from the fast travel point, inside the compound, and you’ll discover the Brahmin pen behind the building on your left. You may need to enter the pen to find the second Brahmin.

Middle Mountain Pitstop (4 Brahmin): Head towards the middle of the cabins from the spawn-in point, and you’ll spot four Brahmin in their pen.

Events for Brahmin Milk

Participating in specific events can also yield Brahmin milk:

Riding Shotgun: This event can be initiated by speaking to Vinny at Big Bend Tunnel East in the Cranberry Bog.

Free Range: This event is part of the public event rotation and can be found in the following locations:

  • The Forest – Groves Family Cabin
  • Savage Divide – Big Fred’s BBQ Shack
  • The Mire – Southern Belle Motel

Other Sources

Apart from fixed spawn locations and events, you can also obtain Brahmin milk from vendors, camp allies, NPCs, and containers. Here are some of the sources:

Vera (Blue Ridge Vendor – Middle Mountain Pitstop): You can purchase Brahmin milk x5 with a 100% chance of availability.

Brahmin Milk Machine: This unique machine is another source of Brahmin milk.

Minos: The Brahmin that follows Minerva to Crater, Fort Atlas, and Foundation can also be milked.

Chally: Chally can be milked, but she drops “Chally’s Milk,” which is a stand-alone strength food buff and cannot be used in other recipes.