How To Spawn Mirage Island in Blox Fruits Update 20 A guide on Spawning Mirage Island in Blox Fruits Update 20

Blox Fruits, the popular Roblox game inspired by One Piece, has been continuously evolving since its debut in 2019. With the recent release of Update 20, which focuses on the sea, players are in for an exciting adventure. Despite recent server fluctuations, enthusiasts are eager to dive into the game and explore the new features.

Credits – Roblox

In this Roblox game, players embark on journeys from one island to another, searching for valuable weapons and fruits. Update 20 has brought significant changes and additions to both these aspects. Players can also align themselves with either the Marines or Pirates faction, living out their One Piece fantasies within the Roblox universe.

Mirage Island is a unique location in Blox Fruits, and contrary to the typical meaning of a mirage, it’s a real and valuable discovery. This island is home to great treasures and essential items like the Blue Gear. However, Mirage Island is exceptionally rare and challenging to find.

How to Locate the Mirage Island

Mirage Island is one of the four Sea Events introduced in Update 17-Part 2. The other Sea Events include Ship Raid, Sea Beast, and Rumbling Waters, all of which are more common than Mirage Island. Finding Mirage Island isn’t a sure thing, and it may require patience and some luck, as it only appears for 15 minutes before disappearing.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding Mirage Island:

1. Look in Wide, Open Areas of Water

Mirage Island occupies a substantial space in the sea, so it can only appear in wide open areas of water. While sailing, focus on such locations and steer clear of other islands, as they won’t leave enough room for Mirage Island to manifest. Consider searching between the Floating Turtle and the Sea of Treats or between Hydra Island and the Great Tree to optimize your chances.

2. Sail the Third Sea

Mirage Island exclusively spawns in the Third Sea. Searching for it in the First or Second Seas is futile, so ensure you’re in the right location. Although any boat will work, a larger and sturdier ship is preferable because you’ll likely encounter Sea Beasts during your journey, which can easily destroy smaller vessels.

3. Face Forwards Most of the Time

Mirage Island spawns in the direction your boat is facing. It’s best to keep your eyes on the horizon and face forward, especially if you’re on a private server. On a public server, check left and right occasionally to spot Mirage Island if another player triggers its appearance, but primarily, focus on facing forward to avoid islands and Sea Beasts.

4. Use a Private Server

Searching for Mirage Island on a public server comes with the risk of it appearing in front of another player. If you have the option, switch to a private server to minimize confusion and increase your chances. You can sail in circles, keeping your eyes on the horizon, and wait for Mirage Island to appear without interference from other players.

5. Use the “Cruise Control” Feature

Sailing in the open sea for extended periods can become tiresome. To alleviate this, activate a “cruise control” feature by selecting a direction with the WASD keys or arrows and pressing the / key to enable autopilot. When you spot Mirage Island, regain control to navigate to your desired location. Keep in mind that Mirage Island can appear near your ship, so check your surroundings periodically.

6. Stand Still

Remarkably, Mirage Island can spawn even if your boat is stationary. As long as you’re on the sea, facing open water, and on a boat, it has the potential to appear. So, take a break and let your boat rest, keeping a close eye on the screen in case Mirage Island materializes.

7. Sail at Night

If your goal is to find the Blue Gear, note that it only spawns at night. Even if you come across Mirage Island during the day, you won’t find the Blue Gear. Ensure your search for the island aligns with the game’s night cycle if you’re specifically looking for this valuable item.

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